Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/27 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (All flashcards)
  • Reviewed flashcards in pairs
  • Reviewed Hiragana together
  • Hiragana chart writing
  • Hiragana dictation
  • Learned new expressions (using languages and an eye test)

Homework: Hiragana quiz a-ho

9/27 Japanese AP A3

  • Body parts, height and time test
Since today the schedule was different during A3 I was teaching at the junior high.

No homework

9/27 Intro to FL

  • Introduced seating chart
  • Reviewed numbers
  • Bingo using numbers
  • Reviewed sounds using words in flashcards
  • Introduced desu and learned nan desu ka?
  • Particle ka
  • Introduction

Homework: Practice introduction at home

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/26 Japanese 3 B4

  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Gave flashcards
  • Reviewed shiteiru, no, shika and Base V+u
  • Watched nihongo dekimasu
Homework: Kanji flashcards

9/26 Japanese 2 B3

  • Checked everyone's homework at PGHS and Lehi (base te reading comprehension pink)
  • Checked previous useful expressions exercises
  • Reviewed base te kudasai and base te mo ii desu ka
  • Corrected homework
  • Reading practice in pairs
  • Reviewed map
  • Writing practice about weekend

Homework: Map's quiz

9/26 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked everyone's homework (matching useful expressions)
  • Reviewed base te mo iidesu ka? and base te kudasai
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed verbs and base te
  • Writing about things done over the weekend
  • Reading in pairs
  • Reviewed map and cities

Homework: Map quiz

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/25 Japanese AP A3

  • Checked homework (flashcards)
  • Reviewed Kanji in pairs
  • Reviewed Kanji together
  • Kanji karuta game on the floor
  • Reviewed height and adjectives
  • First draft of family presentation

Homework: Body parts, height, adjectives, time and minutes test

9/25 Intro to FL

  • Welcomed new students
  • Learned the 46 sounds in Japanese
  • Learned aisatsu and greetings
  • Memorized numbers 1-99

Homework: Practice the numbers in Japanese at home

Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24 Japanese 3 B4

  • Checked homework (kanji exercises)
  • Collected grade report
  • Reviewed Kanji together
  • Watched an anime

No homework

9/20 Japanese 2 B3

Finished watching umi ga kikoeru

No homework

9/24 Japanese 2 B1

  • Collected everyone's grade report card
  • Checked everyone's homework (pink base te worksheet)
  • Reading practice in pairs
  • Reviewed base te mo ii desu ka?
  • Watch Nihongo dekimasu lesson 10

Homework: Matching exercises using base te mo ii desu ka and base te kudasai

Friday, September 21, 2012

9/25 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework P. 17-20
  • Collected grade report signed
  • Reviewed Hiragana
  • Corrected previous and today's homework
  • Reviewed greetings and introduction expressions
  • Reviewed weather expressions
  • Finished listening practice

Homework: Finish Hiragana flashcards

9/21 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (packet P.15 and 16), 
  • Reviewed Hiragana with flashcards
  • Onigiri party (made rice balls)
  • Hiragana writing chart
  • New hiragana

 Homework: Hiragana packet P. 17-20

9/21 Japanese AP A3

  • Checked homework (flashcards)
  • Finished the Kanji chart with English meaning
  • Pair work practicing Kanji
  • Reviewed all the Kanji together
  • Finished the chart

Homework: Finish flashcards

9/21 Intro to FL (last class)

Gave review packet
Taught everyone how to make onigiri
Played bingo using numbers

Good luck on your next language!!!!

9/20 Japanese 3 B4

  • kanji quiz
  • reviewed for quiz
  • Reviewed no, shiteimasu and shika 
  • checked family draft
  • New grammar BV+u
  • new kanji

Homework: New Kanji exercises and report card signed

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 Japanese 2 B3

  • Reviewed base te
  • Base te quiz
  • Speaking "Kino nani wo shimashita ka?"
  • New vocab using reading comprehension exercises
  • Learn base te mo ii desu ka.
  • Watch nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Base te exercises and only AFHS students (Report card signed)

9/20 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked translation exercises
  • Reviewed base te
  • Base te quiz
  • Distributed grade report cards
  • Corrected translation 
  • Base te exercises and introduced all the new vocab
  • Base te mo+ ii desu ka

Homework: Finish pink worksheet and bring grade report signed

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/19 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (Hiragana packet P. 11, 12, 13)
  • Reviewed Hiragana
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed weather expressions
  • Listening practice
  • New Hiragana

Homework: Hiragana packet P.15 and 16

9/19 Intro to FL A1

  • No homework
  • Reviewed sports (hobbies)
  • Learned sports + shimasu
  • Learned suki and suki jyanai
  • Group activity asking each other's hobbies
  • Played "Do you love your neighbour?" in Japanese
  • Played ball game with irregular days (tsuitachi, futsuka, mikka, etc)

Announcements: Next class will be our last class. We'll be making rice balls as our class party.

9/19 Japanese AP A3

  • Reviewed for the quiz
  • Verbs quiz Part III
  • Kanji Japanese 3 flashcards
  • Give Kanji chart
  • Reviewed height, colors and adjectives
  • Listening practice

Homework: Kanji flashcards

9/18 Japanese 3 B4

  • No homework
  • Kanji in pairs using flashcards
  • Reviewed Kanji together
  • Reviewed no, shiteiru, shika
  • Exercises using grammar (given 2 classes ago)
  • Writing using new grammar about family

Homework: Finish first draft about family at home (ate least 5 sentences)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/18 Japanese 2 B3

  • Checked homework (map exercises)
  • Reviewed new verb ni arimasu
  • Reviewed directions and islands
  • Practiced asking where some cities/states in US
  • Corrected homework
  • Learned base te as and
  • Writing practice using verbs
  • Gave useful expressions matching

Homework: Base te quiz

9/18 Japanese 1 B1

  • Checked homework (pink map exercises)
  • Reviewed directions, main islands and cities in Japan
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed base te
  • New grammar base te as "and"
  • Writing practice

Homework: Translation exercises + Base te quiz

Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17 Japanese 1 A4

  • Reviewed for the quiz
  • Useful expressions quiz
  • New expressions P. 28 & 29 (weather)
  • New particle nee
  • New Hiragana ta, chi, tsu, te, to
  • Hiragana packet
  • Hiragana writing chart 

Homework: Hiragana packet P. 11, 12, 13

9/17 Japanese AP A3

Reviewed Kanji
Kanji quiz
Reviewed subjects
Journal writing「一番好きな科目は何ですか。」
Reviewed time and minutes
Learned kara and made
Exercises using subjects, time and minutes

Homework: Verbs quiz Part III

9/17 Intro to FL

  • Reviewed for quiz
  • Months and days of the month quiz
  • Learned days of the week
  • Memorized days of the week song
  • Introduced hobbies vocabulary
  • Practiced hobbies asking "What's your hobby?" "Is your hobby _______?"

Homework: No homework

Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14 Japanese 3 B4

Reviewed proverbs
Proverbs quiz
Watched anime

Homework: No homework

9/14 Japanese 2 in PGHS B3

  • Checked homework (base te exercises pink)
  • We watched umi ga kikoeru for about 30 minutes until Lehi came back from their assembly
  • Reviewed Base te together
  • Corrected homework
  • japan's map
  • directions

homework: map exercises (pink paper)

9/14 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked homework (pink paper on Base te)
  • Reviewed base te
  • Finished watching nihongo dekimasu on BII+tai
  • Learn about Japanese map and directions
  • Exercises
  • Played simon says using base te

Homework: Worksheet about Japanese map (pink)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (Hiragana flashcards)
  • Hiragana review
  • Hiragana quiz a-zo
  • Reviewed useful expressions with flashcards
  • Learned pages
  • Learned kore, sore and are
  • Watched nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Useful expressions quiz (study the matching exercises)

9/13 Japanese AP A3

  • Reviewed verbs
  • Verbs quiz
  • Reviewed particles yo and ne
  • Reviewed i and na adjectives with i-box and desu box
  • Exercises using particles and adjectives
  • Learned Time and minutes
  • Learned subjects at school
  • Gave Exercises

Homework: Kanji quiz (Japanese 1 and 2 Kanji)

9/13 Intro to FL

  • Checked homework (Translation exercises)
  • Since everyone did their homework, we watched 15 minutes of Azumanga Daioh
  • Reviewed masu box, verb to speak, languages, nationalities
  • Corrected homework
  • Speaking activity (Do you speak English? Do you speak Spanish?)
  • Reviewed months and days of the month

Homework: Days of the month and month quiz (study the white worksheet with questions)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12 Japanese 2 B4

  • Checked homework (kotowaza exercises)
  • Since everyone did their homework, we watched anime
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed Kanji in pairs with flashcards
  • New grammar no, shiteimasu and shika
  • Gave exercises about new grammar (pink)

Homework: Proverbs quiz

9/12 Japanese 2 B3

  • Checked homework (BII+tai exercises)
  • Reviewed BII+tai and hoshii
  • Corrected homework
  • Finished matching useful expressions we started last class
  • Learned new base Te
  • Base te exercises
  • Watched nihongo dekimasu reviewing base te + kudasai

Homework: Base te exercises

Japanese Club will be next Tuesday

After voting in every single class at AFHS, our Japanese club will be next Tuesday just right after school. Make sure you pay your Japanese club fee by Friday at the financial office. You can invite your friends that are not taking Japanese to join our club.

9/12 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked homework (BII+tai exercises - blue paper)
  • Reviewed BII+tai/takunai & Hoshii/hoshikunai
  • Corrected homework
  • Elected the new club representative for B1 (Lisle san)
  • Watched Nihongo dekimasu on BII+tai
  • Reviewed classroom expressions
  • Learned Base te song
  • Exercises

Homework: Base te exercises (pink paper)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Japanese 1 A4

  • Followed up on the blog follower as their homework
  • Reviewed Hiragana with flashcards
  • Gave Flashcards to everyone
  • Asked everyone to write in a piece of paper all the hiragana learned
  • Reviewed previous expressions P. 16 and 17
  • Classroom expressions from the textbook  P. 18, 19, 21, 22
  • Matching exercises using new expressions

Homework: Hiragana quiz from a to so and Hiragana flashcards from a to so

9/11 Japanese AP A3

  • Reviewed verbs from big packet
  • Verbs quiz
  • Reviewed previous vocabulary (height and adjectives)
  • Reviewed i-box
  • Exercises using height and adjectives
  • Reviewed Kanji with white board game
  • New particles yo & ne

Homework: Verbs quiz Part II

9/11 Intro to FL

  • Checked homework (days of the month exercises)
  • Reviewed months and days of the month
  • Corrected homework
  • Learned countries and languages
  • Learned the verb to speak and masu box
  • Learned how to say where they were from
  • Exchanged business cards
  • Learned particle o and particle to (pink packet)

Homework: Translation exercises

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework (Japanese 2 Kanji flashcards)
Ask students to review the flashcards in pairs
Reviewed Kanji together
Textbook P. 17 kotowaza
Gave kotowaza exercises

Homework: Workbook exercises on kotowaza

9/10 Japanese 2 B3

Katakana quiz
Reminded everyone that I'll be going to Lehi on Wed and to PG on Friday
Reviewed BII+tai
Learned BII+takunai  & hoshii/hoshikunai
Speaking exercises using tai

Homework: Exercises using tai, takunai, hoshii and hoshikunai

9/10 Japanese 2 B1

Katakana review
Katakana quiz
Review how to change verbs in dictionary form to Base II
Review Base II + tai and learned BII+ takunai
Learned Noun ga hoshii/hoshikunai desu
Speaking exercises using BII + tai

Homework: Workbook exercises (blue worksheet reviewing BII+tai)

Friday, September 7, 2012

9/7 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework (Hiragana packet P.7-9)
Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu
Reviewed hiragana a-ko
Corrected Hiragana packet
Practice hai sou desu, iie chigaimasu
Meishi (business card) activitiy
Learned how to say phone numbers in Japanese

Homework: Become my blog follower (check the follower on the right side of this blog)

AFHS Japanese Club fees

If you want to be part of our amazing Japanese club at the high school, our annual fee is $10. You just have to pay at the financial office by Sep 14th.

Our first activity will be either Sep 18th (Tue) or Sep 26 (Wed) and we'll be making onigiri (Japanese rice balls)

You can invite your friends even if they are not taking Japanese because our club is a culture club and not a language club. Just make sure you tell them to pay the Japanese club fee.

9/7 Japanese AP A3

Checked homework (write the meaning of each Kanji on the chart)
Reviewed Kanji in pairs
New vocab from body parts packet
Reviewed height + exercise
Description game
New verbs from big white packet

Homework: Verbs quiz (first column) 

9/7 Intro to FL A1

Checked homework (Days of the month song 3 times) 
Review days of the month song with a calendar
Ask students individually to sing the song and get extra credit
Learned new expression thank you and you're welcome
Learned how to say phone numbers
Finish watching nihongo dekimasu
Gave days of the month exercises

Homework: Finish days of the month exercises at home (white sheet) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/6 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (Kanji exercises)
Reviewed verbs showing cards
Practice changing verbs in dictionary form to Base II
New grammar BII+tai
Nihongo dekimasu using new grammar

Homework: Katakana quiz

9/6 Japanese 2 B1

Reviewed Hiragana together
Hiragana Quiz
Katakana review
Katakana game
Reviewed verbs showing cards
Practice changing verbs in dictionary form to Base II
New grammar BII+tai

Homework: Katakana quiz

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/6 Japanese 3 B4

Reviewed Kanji
Kanji quiz (Chapters 1-4)
Gave Kanji flashcards and everyone starting creating their flashcards
Reviewed classroom expressions with matching exercises
Played Simon says game using base te + kudasai

Homework: Kanji flashcards given in class

9/5 Japanese 1 A4

  • Got the textbooks from the book depository
  • Checked homework (Katakana packet P.1-5)
  • Finished watching PONYO
  • Reviewed Hiragana
  • New Hiragana

Homework: Hiragana packet P. 7-9

9/5 Japanese AP A3

  • Gave everyone's journal back
  • Talked about common mistakes
  • Reviewed base te
  • Learned Base ta + ri
  • Everyone wrote on their journals about labor day weekend
  • Reviewed Kanji flahscards in pairs
  • Reviewed body parts and height
  • Body parts worksheet

Homework: Write the meaning of each Kanji on the white chart given in class

9/5 Intro to FL A1

  • Checked homework (Write your name in Katakana 10 times)
  • Since everyone did their homework, we finished watching Ponyo
  • Reviewed self-introduction
  • Watched Nihongo dekimasu
  • Learned regular and irregular days of the month

Homework: Write 3 times the song you learned today in class in piece of paper

9/4 Japanese 2 & 3 B1, B3 & B4

Watched an anime

8/31 japanese 1 A4

Watched Ponyo

8/31 Japanese AP A3

Watched Ponyo

8/31 Intro to Foreign Lang A1

Watched Ponyo with the sub