Monday, March 30, 2009

LPHS 3/30

Japanese 1

  • Verbs Quiz

  • Katakana Karuta Game (Reviewing all of them)

  • New vocabulary (あした、きょう、きのう)


Japanese 2

  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Listening Practice (Clothing)
  • Review BI+ないでください (Blue exercises)
  • New Grammar でしょう Vs. だろう

しゅくだい:Finish Blue exercises about BI+ない

Friday, March 27, 2009

AFHS 3/27

Japanese 1

  • Corrected Homework (Hiragana and Katakana Review)
  • Review verb types and Masu Box
  • Exercises (Bases and Masu Practice)
  • New grammar (Adverbs) P.76
Check here to see the place or city you'll have to research for your presentation
1)Glennさん                   きょうと

2)Cooperさん、Gishさん、Millerさん     とうきょう

3)Colonさん                   ふくおか

4)Clarkさん、Brownさん、Larsonさん   おおさか

5)Pethtelさん、Joyceさん、Nolanさん    ひめじ

6)Haleyさん                   なごや

7)Garbeさん、Johnさん、Robbinsさん   はらじゅく

8)Houseさん、Paskettさん、Walkerさん  おきなわ

9)Brownさん                   ほっかいどう

10)Smithさん、Whitmerさん         ひろしま

11)Barlowさん、Matsuoさん、Jacksonさん ????

12)Wardさん、Thorpeさん           まつもと

13)Nealさん、Davidsonさん          ????

14)Manjarrezさん、Leftwichさん、Mayさん ????

15)Griffithさん                  ながさき  

16) Terranovaさん                ???? 

Some suggestions: Tokyo Disneyland, Osaka Universal Studios, Nara and Kobe.

しゅくだい:Exercises (Orange paper) using Masu Box, Particle "de" and Adverbs.
Since we are going to correct it in class, no late homework will be accepted!!!!!
Those groups that haven't decided on what to present about have to let me know by next class (10 points worth). That means if you don't find a place or a city you'll lose 10 points.

Japanese 2

  • Check and correct homework BI+ないで+ください
  • Writing Practice
  What did your parents used to tell you when you were a child?
  Example: はしらないでください。(Please don't run)

  • Listening Practice
Listen to the description and draw a picture accordingly

しゅくだい:Give the name of the music, movie or anime that you are going to review about. (It's worth 10 points)

Japanese 3

  • Kanji Quiz
  • Exercises from blue Packet P. 40 exercise III  (方がいいです)
  • Review all grammar P.113 ~ 116
1) Sentence 1 Informal ending (reason/cause)ので、   Sentence 2 (result).

   If it's a なAdjective or noun, add なので
   Because I am a student, I have to study everyday.

2)Sentence 1 Informal ending (contrary)のに、  Sentence 2.

    のに= In spite of the fact that... 、 Although
         It is used to express some disappointment, surprise, regret or disbelief.

   Although I waited from 1 to 3, my friend didn't come.

3)んです(のです)  Dictionary Form + んです
  It suggests that the speaker feels obligated to explain himself/herself.

    This book was expensive, you know.

4)なってくる (Has become) vs.    なっていく (Will become)

  さむくなっくるね。(It has become cold, don't you think?)

  来週あたたかくなっていくよ。(It will become warm next week)

5) Bta + 方がいいです (It is better for you to~)
  BI + ない方がいいです(It is better not to~)

  Because you're sick it is better for you to eat!

  Because it is bad for your health, it is better not to smoke.

  • Reading P.94

しゅくだい:Translate the reading P.94 
      (Use the vocabulary from the back of your book)

Have a nice weekend!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

LPHS 3/26

Japanese 1

  • Review Frequency words P.78

  • Practice Frequency words with sentences

  • Review verb types for the quiz

  • Correct blue paper about frequency and food vocabulary

  • Listening Practice reviewing Family Vocabulary

Shukudai: Verbs Quiz (Vocabulary and verb types) Study the last page of the verbs packet (yellow packet)

Japanese 2

  • Review BI + naidekudasai
  • Watched Erin DVD about Naidekudasai
  • Review Kanji with karuta Game (all of them)

shukudai: Vocabulary Quiz (Chapters 1 - 3)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AFHS 3/25

Japanese 1

  • Katakana Quiz ma-n
  • Collect Katakana Packet which was due today (If you turn in later you cannot get full points)
  • Review verb Types and bases
  • Godan, ichidan and irregular verbs
  • New Grammar Particle で P.74

しゅくだい:Hiragana and Katakana Review Packet (Yellow packet)

Japanese 2

  • Kanji Quiz
  • かるたゲーム(52漢字)
  • Review BI+ないでください
  • Listening Practice (School Rules)
しゅくだい:BI+ない Exercises

Japanese 3

  • Review方がいいです
    Verb --> Bta+方がいいです
    Noun --> ____の方がいいです。
    いAdj--> ____方がいいです。

Comparing 2 things (More____Than)


  • Finish 日本語できます (方が)
  • Vocabulary ゲーム


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LPHS 3/24

Japanese 1

  • Katakana Quiz (ma - n)
  • We collected the Katakana Packet, so if you forgot to turn in today, please do so by next class so that you can get some points
  • Explained about this term's project (Movie)
  • Watched sample movies from AFHS
  • Groups got together to brainstorm some ideas

Shukudai: Bring some movie ideas to class

Japanese 2

  • Kanji Quiz
  • Explained about this term's project (Movie)
    Watched sample movies from AFHS
    Groups got together to brainstorm some ideas

Shukudai: Work on your project

Monday, March 23, 2009

AFHS 3/23

Japanese 1

  • Vocabulary Quiz (Those who did not do well, make sure to retake it ASAP)
  • New Grammar (Verbs)
Godan, Ichidan & Irregular Verbs
  • 4th Term Project Discussion
  1. Hokkaido
  2. Tokyo
  3. Nagoya
  4. Kyoto
  5. Osaka
  6. Harajuku
  7. Hiroshima
  8. Fukuoka
  9. Okinawa
  10. Himeji

If you haven't decided on what to present about, you'll have to do some research ASAP and let your teacher know.

しゅくだい: Katakana Packet & Katakana Quiz (マ~ン) Study P.61-77

Japanese 2

  • Kanji review for the quiz
  • Review Informal Grammar
  • New Grammar
 BI + ない (Don't verb)
 BI+ないでください (Please don't verb)

  • Erin DVDないでください

しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz

Japanese 3

  • Review Kanji for Quiz
  • Review Previous grammar なってくる(Has become)   なっていく(Will become)
  • Correct homework
  • New grammar の方が____です
  • Erin DVD 方が____です。


Friday, March 20, 2009

LPHS 3/20

Japanese 1

  • Review Katakana for the quiz we are having next week
  • Correct homework (Hiragana & Katakana Review)
  • Review Particles with translation exercises (Japanese - English)
  • New grammar (Frequency words) P. 78
  • New Vocabulary (Daily Food) P. 79

Shukudai: Katakana Quiz (From Ma to n) and turn in the whole packet

Japanese 2

  • New grammar BI + naide kudasai
Example: Tabe + naide kudasai
Kurasu de tabenaidekudasai. (Please don't eat in class)
  • Review Kanji
  • Kanji Game (Karuta)

We had 3 rounds of Karuta Game and hopefully you could memorize the reading through this game.

Shukudai: Kanji Quiz (Chapter 3)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

AFHS 3/19

Japanese 1

  • Katakana Packet (ラ、リ、ル、レ、ロ、ワ、ヲ、ン) P. 71. ~ 78.
  • Presentations by Leftwichさん、Whitmerさん、Mayさん、Honeyさん、Manjarrezさん
  • Explained about Vocabulary Quiz

しゅくだい:Vocab Quiz (Chapter 3)

Reminder for next week (3/25)
  • Katakana Quiz Ma ~ N
  • Packet due on the day of the quiz
(Study Katakana Packet P. 61 ~ 77)

Japanese 2

  • New Grammar
    ます -->  BIII   (Polite form to Informal)
   Ex: 私はおすしを食べます。(Polite)

  • Kanji Review + Katakana Game (カルタ)
  • New Vocabulary about Traffic
  • Culture Notes (talked about Japanese traffic lights)

Reminder for next week (3/25): Kanji Quiz
(Study Kanji exercises done in class)

Japanese 3

  • Correct Homework ( 8 sentences) reviewing grammar.
  • New grammar (to become)
  • Watched にほんごできます (になる  くなる)
なAdj & Noun --->  Add になる Or になります
  いAdj ------------>  Drop い Add く+なる Or く+なります

  • Change of condition from a certain point of time(Past) to another point in time (Present)
Ex: 寒くなってきました。 It has become cold.

  • Change of condition from some point in time to some future time.
Ex: 3月なので、あたかくなっていくでしょう。

しゅくだい: Blue Packet P.39 Exercise I. Don't forget to translate each sentence as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LPHS 3/18

Japanese 1

  • Presentation by Miyajiさん
  • Collect Homework (exercises from workbook about ます  and adverbs よく・すこし)   Remember that this homework cannot be turned in late because we corrected in class.
  • Katakana Review (everything)
  • Verbs Base review with exercises
  • Particles review (は、の、で、を)
  • Adverbs (よく、すこし)&でも Review
しゅくだい:Hiragana & Katakana Review exercises

Reminder for next week (3/24)
  • Katakana Quiz Ma ~ N
  • Packet due on the day of the quiz
(Study Katakana Packet P. 61 ~ 77)

Japanese 2

  • Finish Listening Practice
  • Kanji Review
  • Explain the difference between おんReading & くんReading
  • Spirited Awayを見ました。
しゅくだい:Each Kanji 10 times

Reminder for next week (3/24): Kanji Quiz
(Study Kanji exercises done in class)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Candies! Candies! Candies!

I've noticed that there are some classes that almost half of the class keeps forgetting to do their homework.

You guys should know that if you don't do your homework there's no way you'll be able to practice what you have learned in class.

Our last term starts next week and in order to help you guys (or at least motivate), I have a new policy. If EVERYONE in class brings homework you will get candies. If only one person forgets, no candies!!!!

I know that everyone can do it!!!!


AFHS 3/17

Japanese 1
  • Presentation by Colonさん
  • Time Quiz
  • Katakana ヤ ユ ヨ (P.65~ Katakana Packet)
  • Occupation exercises correction

しゅくだい:ヤ ユ ヨ 10 times each
Last presentations by Leftwichさん、Manjarrezさん、


Japanese 2

  • Kanji review (来、行、車、子、学、校、見、食、良)
  • Kanji exercises
  • Listening Practice (Angela Aki ハレルヤ)
しゅくだい:New Kanji writing practice 10 times

Japanese 3

  • Homework correction
  • Kanji review
  • Translation exercises

しゅくだい:Translation 5~8 (Make sure you translate using 漢字)
1) I have a Mexican friend called Maria.
(Use  Noun 1というNoun2)

2) Let’s eat Raamen! (male speech)
(Use BV+う    Particleぜ)
(Raamen is in カタカナ)

3) 友達は面白い人だ。
(The second漢字's reading is おもしろい)

4) I changed (From) red shoes to black shoes. 
(Use BII+かえる    Wear (below the waist)=はく)
(When is about clothing use から____に and not  から____まで)
(着る means also to wear is used only when you wear something above the waist)

5) I work as an engineer.
(Use として To work=はたらいています)

6) 私は行ったのに、かれはいませんでした。
(のに=In spite of the fact that...)

7) Do you eat anything?
(Use Wh+でも)

8) それは私が食べるんです!!!
(んです=Is asking for explanation。It is used only for speaking)

When you translate those exercises at home, make sure you write down all the questions you may have.

Monday, March 16, 2009

LPHS 3/16

Japanese 1

  • Review Katakana (all of them)
  • Presentation by Pevnyさん
  • Review previous grammar で P.74, 75
  • New grammar
     Adverbs ->よく・すこし・ちょっと P.76
     でも (However)-> Remember that でも is used in the beggining of a sentence.
Sentence 1. でも、Sentence 2.

しゅくだい:Exercises using Adverbs, verbs and でも。
Miyaji san's presentation due next class


  • Kanji review (来、行、車、子、学、校、見、食、良)
  • Kanji exercises
  • Review verbs ますー>BIII (Dictionary Form)
  • Listening practice (Kiroro Sannin no shashin)
  • New Grammar


Friday, March 13, 2009

Make up Work!!! End of the term is next week!!!

Next week is the last week of the term, so if you need to turn in any homework or take a quiz, please do so ASAP. Don't leave everything for Friday!!

And remember!!!! I will be at Lone Peak Mon, Wed and Friday and Tue and Thur at AFHS.

AFHS 3/13

Japanese 1

  • Presentations by Clarkさん、Joyceさん
  • Vocabulary Review and exercises (P.60-75)
  • Listening Practice (うただ ひかる にちようのあさ)
  • Review Time and minutes

Time Quiz 
(Make sure you know the difference between ぷん & ふん)
Next class' presentations:Whitmerさん、Colonさん、Nickさん、Pethtelさん

Japanese 2

  • Vocabulary Quiz (Chapter 1 - 3)
  • Review Chapter 3 (yellow handout)
  • Reading (Reviewing grammar and Kanji learned previously)

しゅくだい: Kanji Flashcards

Japanese 3
  • Correct homework (Kanji from Chapter 2 exercises)
  • Review Chapter 1 & 2 with exercises
  • Review んです with exercises from blue packet

しゅくだい: Packet exercises P.32 (Kanji)

Culture Night 3/12

Thanks for those who came to our Culture Night!!! よかったですね!!!It seems that we had more than 300 pieces of cake and everything was gone, so I guess about 300 people came yesterday.

Mrs. McFarland bought the desserts for us. We had chocolate cake, cheese cake and cupcakes. Thanks, Madame!!The cheese cake was sooooo good!!! That was my favorite!

Culture Bowl was very competitive this year. I really appreciate those who studied the culture facts very hard. The finalists that competed yesterday from our Japanese classes were:

Raelynn Robbins Jap 1
Brenna Garbe Jap 1
Alex Haley Jap 1
Tysum Ruchti Jap 3
Johanna Taylor Jap 3

And Tysum and Johanna got the cash prizes!!! Congratulations!!!!

We had about 75 movies from all the languages (Latin, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and ASL) competing on the Film festival and Japanese got second place. ヤッターーーー!
They got $80!!! Congratulations!!!

I was really impressed about the quality of the movies this year. You were very creative, the language skills were pretty good and the editing was amazing!!!

I am really proud of all you guys who worked so hard for our World Language Week. It was a success and everyone had a great time.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

LPHS 3/12

Japanese 1

  • Presentation by Jenks さん
  • Vocabulary Quiz 
  • Body Parts vocabulary + song (Blue Packet)
  • New Grammar Particleで (P.74)
しゅくだい:カタカナPacket (ワヲン)

Japanese 2

  • Presentation by Stout さん
  • New Grammar (Informal Speech)
  • Ex: 行きます-> 行く
  • New Vocabulary (P.108,109)
  • New Kanji (P.109-132)
しゅくだい:New Kanji Flashcards

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Japanese Movies

Those who are interested in watching some of the movies that we watched in our Film Festival, check those out!

2009 Finalists

2007 Best 10

If you have any movies you want me to share here, give the website so that I can post here!!!

AFHS 3/11

Japanese 1

Watched movies for the film festival

Japanese movie got Second Place!!!

しゅくだい: Those who were supposed to present last week and this week, they'll have to present next class.

Japanese 2

Watched movies for the film festival and gave vocabulary list (Review of Chapter 1, 2 & 3)

Japanese movie got Third Place!!!!

しゅくだい: Vocabulary Quiz

Japanese 3

Watched movies for the film festival.

Japanese movie got First Place!!!

しゅくだい:Kanji review exercises (multiple choice sheet)

I am really proud of all my students who worked very hard to make their movies for our World Language Week. Don't forget to come tomorrow to our Club Night! We are going to have Culture Bowl, eat awesome desserts and we are going to announce the top 10 movies giving them cash prizes!!!

1st Place $100
2nd Place $80
3rd Place $60

4th to 8th Place $20/each

LPHS 3/10

Japanese 1
  • Japanese verb Types Review
  • Translation exercises
  • Presentation
  • Katakana ラ、リ、ル、レ、ロ

しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz P.60-68

Japanese 2
  •  Review previous grammar んです
  •  Reading Chapter 3. Circle Grammar and Kanji learned.
  •  Presentation about とうきょ
  •  おりがみ

Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to Bellini sensei's blog!!!


I know that it is kind of late to start a blog this year for my classes, but anything is better than nothing. So if you guys have any suggestions please let me know!!!!

If you have any grammar questions or things you want me to announce or explain in class, just drop me a line!

よろしくおねがいします。m(_ _)m