Monday, November 30, 2009

Japanese Club Group picture tomorrow at 8am

The front office announced a couple of times today, but from tomorrow all the club's pictures will be taken. Our Japanese Club Group picture will be TOMORROW at 8am at Commons Area. They are not going to announce during classes, so please don't forget!!!

I hope to see everyone there!!!!

11/30 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Collected homework (Kanji exercises + Summary of Japanese events P. 50-63)
  • Presentation on Kitade Nana by Tashaちゃん
  • Discussion about Thanksgiving and some similar events in Japan
  • Listening practice (Interview on Uchida先生’House)

しゅくだい:Bring the late homework &Presentation by Gauさん

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Katakana flashcards)
  • Reviewed Katakana using flashcards in pairs
  • Presentation by Weekesさん&Stewartさん
  • Katakana Game (Writing on mini white board)

しゅくだい:Katakana Quizアーソ (Make sure you study the words from the packet)
       Presentations by Featherstoneさん&Wandvikさん


  • Talked about Thanksgiving & Some cultural differences between our home countries
  • Reviewed previous lesson Adjectives vs.Adverbs
  • Video using adverbs
  • Listening about drama

Homework:Video packet (Blue) P. 13-14

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't forget your extra credit opportunities

I was checking everyone's grades today and there are a couple of people who REALLY needs to use the extra credit opportunities to improve their grades. I've posted some opportunities HERE before.

Also, regarding our 24 hour SPEAKING JAPANESE assignment, if you do one extra day, instead of giving 10 points I am willing to give 20 points of extra credit.

I have got some feedback from some of you guys about this assignment already. Some said it was fun to do and others said it was very hard to do. I know it was not an easy assignment, but the PURPOSE is to everyone to TRY to use everything you've learned so far. I've seen many of you carrying your notes and book wherever you went to complete the assignment. THAT WAS GREAT!!!! That was the time to review everything. You didn't have to be PERFECT, but you just had to DO YOUR BEST.

Good luck!!!!! Ganbatte kudasai!!!!

Presentation schedule

Some of you guys still don't know when to do your presentation. So please check here again.

For those who are in Japanese 2, 3 and 4, don't forget to use all the grammar learned in Chapter 1. For more details, check your presentation paper.

11/24 A Day

Japanese 3

Presentation by Nolanさん、Newellさん&Swartzさん
Reviewed Modifying sentences + game (Do you love your neighbor in Japanese)
New grammarとして


     Presentations by Burnetさん, Alcazarさん & Terranovaさん

Japanese 2

Vocabulary Quiz
Presentation by Millerさん
Exercises usingもう&まだ
New Kanji (CH#3)

しゅくだい:Kanji exercises they started in class

Presentations by Clarkさん&Glennさん

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Oral test
  • Presentation by Kina on Kounosuke Matsushita san
  • New Kanji for Chapter 2
  • Kanji exercises corrected

しゅくだい:Write a summary in English about the Japanese events from pages 59-63 Next class presentation Tasha chan

Japanese 1

  • Counters Quiz (Age and people)
  • Presentation by Hall san
  • Reviewed Katakana
  • New Katakana
  • New vocabulary (Family outgroup)

しゅくだい:Katakana Flashcards
Next class presentations: Stewart san, Devey san and Weeks san


  • Reviewed Countable ad Uncountable Nouns
  • Checked homework
  • Corrected homework using "a" and "an"
  • Talked about the differences between adjectives and adverbs
  • Video using adverbs

love --> lovely slow --> slowly fast --> fast

No homework

Friday, November 20, 2009

11/20 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Introduced new assignment (Speak only in Japanese for 24 hours). Make sure you get the paper from Bellini sensei to get the signatures of your teachers.
  • Presentations by Manjarrez, Leftwitch & Clements
  • Speaking activity(Interview your friends) reviewing modifying sentences
  • Since LP had an Assembly to attend, they left at 8:45am and we watched Final Fantasy


Japanese 2
  • Introduced new assignment (Speak only in Japanese for 24 hours). Make sure you get the paper from Bellini sensei to get the signatures of your teachers.
  • Reviewed location nouns with game
  • Reviewed of the whole chapter with review sheet

しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz (Study the vocabulary sheet I gave to you guys a couple of classes ago)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19 A Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked homework (Exercises using humble form front only)
  • Corrected exercises + reading (back of exercises)
  • Gave writing back
  • New chapter (Japanese holidays and events)

しゅくだい:Oral test P. 12,13 from textbook. Make sure you practice reading those pages. You have to know the Kanji reading and also you need to read faster. In order to get fluency you have to read it out loud over and over again.

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Writing about family)
  • Reviewed Hiragana
  • New katakana + Packet exercises サ、シ、ス、セ、ソ
  • Reviewed Counters for age and people

しゅくだい:Counters and age counters Quiz


  • Checked homework (Idioms exercises)
  • Corrected homework
  • Read Garfield newspaper Comics together
  • Talked about Countable & Uncountable nouns
  • How much vs How many

Homework: Exercises using Countable and uncountable nouns

11/18 A Day (Sensei was absent)

I am sorry for being absent guys!!!

My son has been sick and he got a disease called Cholesteatoma. I had to go to Primary Children's Hospital yesterday to see his ENT doctor again because it seems it's getting worse. He has to have at least 2 surgeries on the next 6 months in order to get rid of the cyst he has on his right ear otherwise he can become deaf. He has only 50% of his hearing ability now on his right ear.

There are lots of complications that may occur during the surgeries, so please pray for my son.

Japanese 3

Next class' presentations: Manjarrezさん, Leftwichさん, Swartzさん and Clementsさん

Japanese 2

Next class' presentations: Wardさん &Millerさん

I know that you've watched so many of the movies already, so if you have any suggestions of good movies or anime, please post HERE. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Collected homework (Add 5 more sentences to presentation's writing)
  • Gave new assignment (Speak only in Japanese for 24 hours)
  • Reading dialogue reviewing whole grammar for chapter 1

しゅくだい:Exercises using honorifics and reading

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Exercises about family)
  • Reviewed family (In-group expressions)
  • Reviewed Counters つ&まい
  • New counters さい&にん
  • Started writing about everyone's family.

しゅくだい:Finish writing at home.


  • Reviewed directions
  • Watched video using directions
  • Talked about idioms

しゅくだい:Exercises using new idioms

Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for 2nd semester TAs

Would you like to be a TA for Japanese or ESL class?

I am in need of a TA for A2 (Japanese 2) and B3 (ESL).

It is a great opportunity to practice Japanese or to learn English Teaching skills.

For Japanese 2 you will have to help me correcting quizzes and some other errands such as picking up copies from Copy Center or organizing folders, etc.

For ESL, I would need someone to help me correcting quizzes and also to read English out loud and to talk to my students when it is needed.

Let me know ASAP if you are interested!!!

Opportunity to practice Japanese


Some of you guys already know, but I attend a Japanese ward. I've been attending there since 2005 when I was still finishing my Masters at BYU. It's a great ward and even though I've lived in Saratoga Springs for a while I used to go to Provo every Sunday.

This Sunday we are going to have our Primary Sacramental meeting, so I thought it would be a good way for some of you guys to practice Japanese. My ward starts at 1pm. Our meetings are only in Japanese, but if you need an English help, translators are translating simultaneously and headsets are provided for those in need.

It is located at 850 W 1120 N in Provo. It is close to DI and Utah Valley Hospital.

So, if you are interested, please come!!!

Japanese Club tomorrow!!!! Hibachi House

Japanese club activity will be tomorrow!!! Yay!!!
We will be meeting at S-6 and we are going to car pool and go together. Just make sure you have a ride to go home after you eat.

That's the address:

Hibachi House

Where: 1438 Main St., #102

Prices: $1-$14

Info: 341-5008

This is an article I found about Hibachi House if you guys want to have a look.

11/16 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (3 sentences using "Modifying sentences")
  • Reviewed "Modifying sentences"
  • Pop Quiz
  • Presentations by Matsuoさん & Brownさん

しゅくだい:Exercises using Modifying sentences (Do only the front part)
       Next class' presentations -> Leftwichさん &Manjarrezさん

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed for Verbs Quiz
  • Verbs Quiz
  • Listened to Chapter 2 reading
  • Exercises reviewing the grammar from Chapter 2

しゅくだい:Finish exercises at home
       Next class' presentations -> Wardさん & Millerさん

Friday, November 13, 2009

11/13 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Reviewed of Chapter 1 for the test
  • Test
  • Gave presentation's writing back
  • Writing time

しゅくだい:Add 5 more sentences to your presentation
       We are going to start our presentations on the 23rd、so please finish up ASAP.

Japanese 1

  • Reviewed Vocabulary and Counters for the quiz
  • Quiz (Ch 2 Vocab and Counters)
  • Presentations by Hayterさん& Sorensenさん
  • New Chapter (Family vocabulary)

しゅくだい:Family exercises (blue paper)
       Next class' presentations: Garrisonさん& Davisさん


  • Checked homework (Map +Directions)
  • Reviewed directions
  • Watched Mononoke Hime (They had to write 10 words they did not understand)

Important Announcement

I think everyone finally got used to school. And probably by now, everyone knows which subjects you are struggling. My concern is that there are still lots of people that does not do any homework.
If you don't do the homework, you don't practice and if you don't practice you don't improve.

Japanese is an elective course, so I believe that no one is taking Japanese because they NEED to, but because they WANT to. Japanese is not THAT hard, but you DO have to practice in order to get better. If you don't try now, things will just get bigger and when you realize you end up not getting anything at all.

So, if you are struggling and willing to work harder, I can help you. Come any time before A1 or B1. I am here everyday from 6:30am.

Also, there are some loud and disrespectful students in some of my classes. I will not accept this behavior in class, so if you don't improve, you'll have to find another class in the 2nd semester. I've already talked to the counselors and you'll have to transfer out of Japanese.

But I just want to thank all of those who work hard everyday and make this teaching job exciting and motivating!!!! It is because of some of you guys we TEACHERS can come to school everyday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/12 B Day

Japanese 3

  • Presentations by Jacksonさん&Dayさん
  • Checked homework (という、とかExercises)
  • Reviewed previous grammar(という、とか、BII+かえる)
  • New Grammar (Modifying sentences) P.83
  • Exercises in the board to practice new grammar

Homework: Write 3 sentences using new grammar learned today. (Use verb, i Adj and na Adj)
         Also, more than half of the class forgot homework today, so please finish today's homework by next class. If you don't finish by next class, no late homework will be accepted.
         Next class's presentations: Matsuo さん& Brownさん

Japanese 2

  • Presentations by Thorpe & O'Reilly
  • Checked homework (Vocabulary list for chapter 2)
  • Added more vocabulary to the list
  • Reviewed Kanji + Game
  • Reviewed locations nouns
  • Watched movie

しゅくだい:Chapter 2 Verbs Quiz (Use the verbs list given in class before)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked homework (Materials about famous Japanese people)
  • Writing time using honorifics about your famous person
  • Reviewed Chapter 1 with exercises

しゅくだい:Chapter 1 test

Japanese 1

  • Presentations by Donohueさん & Jonesさん
  • Reviewed vocabulary from Chapter 2 P. 40 & 45
  • Reviewed Counters つ & まい
  • Watched Spirited away

しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz +Counters(Study pages 40 & 45 from our textbook)
       Presentations by Sorensenさん&Hayterさん


  • Checked homework (Idiom or simile)
  • Yellow packet (Learned about difference sentences and punctuation markers)
  • Viri and Yesenia presented about their idioms
  • Learned about how to give directions

Homework: Draw a map and write directions from AFHS to your favorite place.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Presentation by リリさん
  • Handed presentation's writing back
  • Writing time
  • Reviewed previous grammar Baseたことがあります
  • Speaking time (Asking questions to everyone using Baseたことがあります)
  • Reviewed grammar from Chapter 2という、とか
  • New grammar BII+かえます

Next class presentation will be Jacksonさん & Dayさん

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed Location nouns
  • Location Nouns Quiz
  • Reviewed Kanji from Chapter 1 and 2
  • New grammar BaseIII+のが+すきです

しゅくだい:Vocabulary exercises
       Next class presentation will be Thorpeさん & O'Reillyさん

Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked homework (Materials about the person you are going to present)
  • Reviewed all the honorific and humble forms learned in Chapter 1
  • Gave time to practice the skit
  • Everyone presented the skit
  • Talked about some mistakes using the honorific forms in the skit

宿題:Those who forgot to bring the materials today will have to bring next class.

Japanese 1

  • Presentation by Fjodorovaさん(Hello Kitty)
  • Katakana Packet カ、キ、ク、ケ、コ
  • Exercises

しゅくだい:Katakana Packet exercises P. 37, 38 & 39
       Next class presentations will be Donohueさん & Jonesさん


  • Word of the day: Stereotype
  • New packet "What matter the most"
 Learned about Figurative Language (Simile & Idioms)

Homework: Bring a simile or idiom to share with class

Friday, November 6, 2009

One more extra credit opportunity!!

I still don't know how many of you are checking our class blog, so just to see how many of you are currently checking, I created one more extra credit opportunity. If you become one of my FOLLOWERS (look at the side bar), you will get 5 extra credit points.

By the way, the previous extra credit opportunities you can check from below:

Also, Japanese 1, 2 & 3 Presentations are going to start next week. Make sure you check the schedule.

Have a nice weekend!!!!

11/6 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Collected homework (Writing to use on the presentation)
  • Reviewed all Kanji learned from Chapter 1 & 2
  • Talked about Japanese events at school
  • New grammar Bた+ことがあります


Japanese 2

  • Collected homework (Writing to use on the presentation)
  • Read everyone's sentences using location nouns
  • Reviewed previous grammar
  • Reviewed location nouns
 TopicはObjectのLocationにあります Or います
  • Ball game using locations

しゅくだい:Location Nouns Quiz

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Presentation schedule

Just to be easier for everyone, the following are the schedules for each class. If you don't present on the day you are supposed to, you will get a zero!!!! This project is worth 100 points!!!

Japanese 1 (Names in bold are those who were not in class when they signed up)
11/9 Donohue & Fjodorova
11/11 Jones & Weekes
11/13 Sorensen & Hayter
11/17 Garrison & Davis
11/19 Jolley & Hatch
11/23 Hall & Clayton
11/30 Stewart & Devey
12/2 Featherstone & Wandvik
12/4 O'Neal & Butcher
12/8 Fletcher & Payne
12/10 Bown & Fraser
12/14 Andersen & Gustafson
12/16 Kirkham & Gau
12/18 Rubio & Rasmussen
12/22 Griggs & Christensen
1/5 Baum & Anderson
1/7 Yau & Sun

Japanese 2
11/10 Davidson
11/12 Thorpe and O'Reilly
11/16 Ward
11/18 Larson
11/20 Griffith
11/24 Clark
12/1 Glenn
12/3 Brown
12/7 Barlow
12/9 Paskett
12/11 Miller
12/15 Cooper
12/17 Lewis
12/21 Haley

Japanese 3
Nov 10 Lily & Alcazar
Nov 12 Jackson & Day
Nov 16 Clements & Matsuo
Nov 18 Manjarrez & Leftwitch
Nov 20 Haru & Brown
Nov 24 Nolan & Newell
Dec 1 Burnett & Terranova
Dec 3 Teegarden & Tracy
Dec 7 Warnick & Pevny
Dec 9 Lyons & Lye
Dec 11 Walker & Crawley
Dec 15 Park & Rockstool
Dec 17 White & Paulina
Dec 21 Fraser & Palmer

Japanese 4
11/17 Whitmer
11/23 Mcghie
12/2 Hayashi
12/4 Gau
12/8 Taylor
12/10 Schaefer
12/14 Morse
12/16 Howard
12/18 Hunt
12/22 Oba
1/5 Wells
1/7 Buckwalter

Japanese Club Activities Ideas

We are planning to have a Japanese Club meeting on Nov 19th (Thursday) and we would like to get some ideas from you. We talked today about going to a Japanese restaurant called Hibachi or Asian Buffet that is a All you can eat Asian food style. Please let us know what you would like to do!!

Also, if you haven't turned in your Club Parental permission form, please do so ASAP. Give also $2 to Bellini sensei.

Japanese Club Presidency

11/5 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked homework (Talked about the famous people they are going to present about)
  • Listening Practice (Describing someone)
  • Got in groups to create a skit using honorifics

しゅくだい:Bring information printed from the internet about the person you are going to present about. We are going to start writing next class.

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Katakana)
  • Talked about this term's project (Presentation about a Japanese culture aspect)
  • Watched Spirited away

しゅくだい:No Homework


  • Checked homework (Writing about family)
  • Reading
  • Discussion about Cultural differences

HW:Bring your presentation written.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Reviewed for the quiz
  • Kanji Quiz (Chapter2)
  • Handed Writing back (Family) and talked again about some common mistakes
  • New grammar (という & とか)

しゅくだい:Turn in your last draft for the presentation. Presentations are going to start next week. This is the schedule again.

Nov 10 Lily & Alcazar
Nov 12 Jackson & Day
Nov 16 Clements & Matsuo
Nov 18 Manjarrez & Leftwitch
Nov 20 Haru & Brown
Nov 24 Nolan & Newell
Dec 1 Burnett & Terranova
Dec 3 Teegarden & Tracy
Dec 7 Warnick & Pevny
Dec 9 Lyons & Lye
Dec 11 Walker & Crawley
Dec 15 Park & Rockstool
Dec 17 White & Paulina
Dec 21 Fraser & Palmer

Japanese 2

  • Kanji Quiz (Chapter 2)
  • Handed Writing back (Family) and talked again about some common mistakes
 Connect です Sentences withで
 Connect verb sentences with Baseて
  • Reviewed previous grammar Bte+います
  • New grammar (Location: うえ、した、となり、まえ、うしろ、Etc)
  • Writing practice (write sentences about our classroom using location learned)
 Key words
 White Board:ホワイトボード

しゅくだい:Turn in Final draft for the presentation. Presentations will start next week. Here is the schedule:

11/10 Davidson
11/12 Thorpe and O'Reilly
11/16 Ward
11/18 Larson
11/20 Griffith
11/24 Clark
12/1 Glenn
12/3 Brown
12/7 Barlow
12/9 Paskett
12/11 Miller
12/15 Cooper
12/17 Lewis
12/21 Haley

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/3 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Kanji Quiz (Chapter 1)
  • Talked about this term's project (Present in Japanese about a famous Japanese person)
  • Verbs List (Practice how to change verbs to honorific forms)

しゅくだい:Bring the name of the person you would like to present about。I need the names ASAP, so that everyone presents about different people and you can start working on it. You can present about musicians, movie stars, politicians, emperors, etc.

Japanese 1

  • Reviewed Hiragana together
  • Hiragana Quiz
  • Started Katakana using new packet
  • Finished watching Final Fantasy

しゅくだい:Katakana Packet P. 33&34

Monday, November 2, 2009

11/2 A Day

Japanese 3

Checked homework (Flashcards and exercises)
Reviewed Kanji
Gave writing back and explained some common mistakes
Gave Sign up sheet for the presentation.

This is the schedule. Write in your calendars so that you don't forget.
Nov 10 Lily
Nov 12 Jackson & Day
Nov 16 Clements & Matsuo
Nov 18 Manjarrez & Leftwitch
Nov 20 Haru & Brown
Nov 24 Nolan & Newell
Dec 1 Burnett & Terranova
Dec 3 Teegarden & Tracy
Dec 7 Warnick & Pevny
Dec 9 Lyons & Lye
Dec 11 Walker & Crawley
Dec 15 Park & Rockstool
Dec 17 White & Paulina
Dec 21 Fraser & Palmer

ALCAZAR san & CARTER san, you need to sign up ASAP!!!!! The days left are Nov 1o & Nov 12.

しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz (Chapter 2)

Japanese 2

  • Checked homework (Flashcards)
  • Verbs exercises (Practice changing conjugated form to dictionary form)
  • Reviewed all the Kanji learned so far (Numbers, Days of the week and Chapter 2 Kanji)

しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz

10/30 B Day

Sorry guys!! I've been sick. I know, AGAIN!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the movies!!!! If you have any suggestions of Japanese movies you would like to watch in class, let me know!!! I think I need new movies or anime to show you guys.

Homework for Jap 4: Kanji Quiz (Chapter 1)

          Jap 1: Hiragana Quiz (Study all the Hiragana learned)