Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you want to practice Japanese over the break?

The following are my favorite Japanese dramas. I learned English watching American TV shows and I know that it helped me a lot.

I know that some of you would rather watch anime than Japanese drama, but I would really recommend watching drama over anime because anime uses different expressions that we don't really use in our daily life.





Dramas about high school




12/17 Japanese 1 A4

Watched a movie since most of the students was gone due to the basketball game.

No homework

12/17 Japanese AP A3

Practiced Japanese carols
Went caroling
watched a drama caleld Kekkon shinai

No homework

12/18 Intro to FL

Watched Mononoke Hime since almost everyone was gone because of the charity basketball game

No homework

Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17 Japanese 3 B4

Gave scripts back
Gave some time to talk in groups about the movie
Watched Spirited away
Sang Christmas carols

12/17 Japanese 2 B3

  • No homework
  •  Answered translated questions
  • Watched Spirited away
No homework

12/17 Japanese 2 B1

No homework
Reminded about Food bank cans competition (by tomorrow)
Finished writing the interview questions on the white board (21-30)
Answered the questions
Watched spirited away
Practiced Christmas carols

Homework: No

Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (Katakana packet P. 53 - 54)
  • Practiced Christmas songs
  • Caroling around the school

No homework

12/14 Japanese AP A3

  • Reviewed verbs with flashcards
  • Peer review
  • Talked about everyone's writing
  • Kanji/verbs Karuta game
  • Practiced Christmas carols
  • Got ingroups and talked about the movie

No homework

12/14 Intro to FL

  • Checked homework (matching exercises)
  • Watched Ponyo
  • Practiced Christmas Carols (deck the halls)
  • Went Caroling around the school

No homework

12/13 Japanese 3 B4

  • Collected Japanese script
  • Reviewed previous grammar   Dictionary form + hito + ga suki desu
  • Learned Bta
  • Played Do you love your neighbour using Base ta
  • Went to the Commons area for Japanese club pictures

Homework: No homework

12/13 Japanese 2 B3

  • Collected Japanese script
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Kanji game on white board
  •  listening exercises
No homework, but if you haven't turned in your script to me, Friday is the last day. You will not get any points after Friday.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked everyone's script and collected
  • Watched Spanish and ASL movie from last year
  • Translated interview questions P. 60 - 61

No homework, however those that haven't finished the script, please turn in to me no later than Friday (12/14). I will not accept scripts after that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12 Japanese 1 A4

    Family vocab and counters quiz
  1. Exercises reviewing family terms and counters
  2. Watched some best movies from last year WL competition
  3. New Katakana na, ni, nu, ne, no
  4. Katakana packet

Homework: Katakana packet`P. 53-54

12/12 Japanese AP A3

  • Collected homework (Japanese script)
  • Gave time to everyone to type the script to Japanese
  • Checked homework ( writing using verbs)
  • Watched some best movies from last year WL week
  • New grammar BIII+koto wa dekimasu
  • Watched first skit of Nihongo dekimasu

No homework

12/12 Intro to FL

  • Checked homework (white translation exercises)
  • Reviewed desu box
  • Corrected homework
  • New expressions 
  • Gave matching exercises 
  • Learned how to introduce themselves
  • Introduced themselves to their friends
  • watched Nihongo dekimasu (first skit)
  • Practiced Rudolph and Deck the halls in Japanese

Homework: matching exercises

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11 Japanese 2 B3

  • Collected English script
  • Gave time to talk about it and make copies to everyone in the groups
  • Start writing in the genkoyoushi
  • Sang Christmas carols
  • Homework: Translate your script to Japanese

12/11 Japanese 3 B4

  • Collected English script typed
  • Made copies to everyone and started translating some sentences
  • Reviewed BII + kaemasu
  • Exercises
  • New grammar
  • Play "do you love your neighbor" in Japanese

Homework: Translate your script to Japanese

12/11 Japanese 2 B1

  • Collected English script
  • Gave time to talk about it and make copies to everyone in the groups
  • Start writing in the genkoyoushi
  • Practiced Christmas songs

Homework: Translate your Japanese script

Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10 Japanese 1 A4

  • Checked homework (Family outgroup exercises)
  • Reviewed family terms ingroup vs. outgroup
  • Corrected homework
  • More exercises
  • Finished writing about family
  • Reviewed ages and people's counters

Homework: Family vocab and counters quiz

12/10 Japanese AP A3

  • Verbs quiz
  • Made copies of everyone's scripts
  • Students talked about 15 minutes about the movie
  • Reviewed honorific and potential

Homework: Script translated to Japanese

12/10 Intro to FL

  • Reviewed numbers
  • Numbers quiz
  • Reviewed alphabet
  • New expressions
  • Reviewed desu box
  • Gave translation exercises using desu box
  • Days of the month song (irregular and regular days)

Homework: Finish translation exercises at home

Friday, December 7, 2012

12/7 Japanese 3 B4

  • Checked homework (English script)
  • Finished script in class
  • Reviewed to iu and to ka
  • New grammar BII+ kaeru

Homework: Type your English script

12/7 Japanese 2 B3

  • Reviewed for the test
  • Unit test
  • Introduced genkoyoushi
  • Gave presentation rubric 
Homework: English script

12/7 Japanese 2 B1

  • Reviewed Kanji and some important items from the test
  • Unit 2 test
  • Talked about genkoyoushi (Blue packet)
  • Gave presentation rubric
Homework: Bring your English script done

Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/6 Japanese 1 A4

  • Collected grade report
  • Reviewed Katakana
  • Katakana quiz a-to
  • Reviewed family terms
  • New particle no
  • Outgroup terms
  • Gave exercises using outgroup terms
  • Reviewed ages and number of people
  • Reading P. 52
  • Writing about their families

Homework: Worksheet

12/6 Japanese AP

  • Checked homework and collected grade reports
  • Reviewed Base te itadakemasen ka
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Corrected homework
  • Introduced new verbs
  • Writing practice using new verbs, honorific and potential

Homework: Verbs quiz, English script and writing

12/5 Japanese 2 and 3 B1, B3 and B4

Watched a movie

  • Japanese 2  Study for your Unit test using the review packet
  • Japanese 3  Bring your English script for the movie

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/4 Japanese 1 A4

  • Reviewed Katakana
  • Gave grade report to everyone 
  • Katakana writing practice
  • Katakana game
  • Family vocabulary
  • Counters (people and age)
  • Practiced asking questions to their friends about age and number of people in their families
Homework: katakana quiz a-to and bring grade report signed

12/4 Japanese AP A3

  •  Checked Exercises (Finish I, II and III) Potential vs. Honorific
  • Corrected homework
  • Bte itadakemasen ka?
  • Exercises

Homework: Finish exercises and bring your grade report signed

12/6 Intro to FL

  • Aisatsu
  • Reviewed syllables
  • Reviewed numbers
  • Numbers worksheet
  • Bingo
  • Desu box

Homework: Numbers quiz

12/4 Intro to FL

  • Learned Aisatsu (greetings)
  • Japanese syllables (46 sounds)
  • Numbers 1-99
  • Useful expressions (Good morning, hi/hello and goodbye)

Homework: Study numbers

Monday, December 3, 2012

12/3 Japanese 1 B4

  • Reviewed adjectives together
  • Adjectives quiz
  • Reviewed to iu and to ka
  • Reviewed kute and de
  • Exercises using kute and de
  • Description game describing friends in class

Homework: Bring part of your English script done

12/3 Japanese 2 B3

  • Checked homework (Review packet)
  • Corrected homework
  • Watched movies from previous years (Film Festival)

Homework: Unit test

12/3 Japanese 2 B1

  • Checked homework (review packet)
  • Collected grade report signed by the parents
  • Corrected the whole packet reviewing everything learned in Unit 2

Homework: Unit test