Friday, May 15, 2015

5/15 Japanese 2 A1

Kanji karuta game

HW: presentations

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/14 Japanese AP B4

Finished reading Kaguya
Kanji game

HW: Presentations

5/14 Japanese 1 B3

Oral test at Lehi
Sword art online episode 3-6

HW: Presentations

5/14 Japanese 1 B1

Oral test

HW: Presentations

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/12 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (Kaguya hime ending)
Discussion about ending in Japanese
Finished reading Kaguya
Watched movie

Homework: Finish presentation powerpoint and study for the Kanji final test

5/12 Japanese 1 B3

Oral test at MVHS
Watched sword art online up to episode 3/20 minutes

Homework: Oral test at Lehi

5/12 Japanese 1 B1

Oral test
Watched Howl's Moving Castle

Homework: Oral test

Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11 Japanese 3 A4

Reviewed Kanji
Watched Rookies finale

Homework: Presentations

5/11 Japanese 2 A3

Unit test
 Oral test at PG

Homework: Oral test at MV

5/11 Japanese 2 A1

Checked HW (Kanji worksheet)
Corrected Kanji
Reviewed for the oral test

Homework: Oral test

5/8 Japanese AP B4

Read children's book (Kaguya Hime)

Write 4 sentences in Japanese on how you think Kaguya Hime's story would end

5/8 Japanese 1 B3

PG Oral test
Watched Hanayori Dango the movie

Homework: Oral test at MVHS

5/8 Japanese 1 B1

NO homework
Gave flashcards
Review oral test questions with everyone (group work)

Homework: Oral test

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/7 Japanese 3 A4

No homework
Read children's book
Kanji game

Homework: Presentations for those that signed up
Work on presentations and review Kanji flashcards

5/7 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (oral test flashcards)
Explained about oral test
Reviewed for the oral test

HW: Unit test and Oral test at PG

5/7 Japanese 2 A1

5/7 Japanese 2 A1
Unit test
Reviewed for the oral test
Kanji karuta game

HW: Kanji worksheet given in class and review Kanji

5/6 Japanese AP B4

Japanese AP test
Reviewed Kanji flashcards
Watched a movie


5/6 Japanese 1 B3

Reviewed for oral test in pairs
Watched Hanayori Dango the movie

HW: Oral test at PG (MV will have their oral test on 5/12 and Lehi on 5/14)
         AF students come during lunch or after school for the oral test

5/6 Japanese 1 B1

Watched Howl's moving castle

HW: Oral test questions

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5/5 Japanese 3 A4

Unit test
Reviewed Kanji individually
Worked on final project

HW: Keep studying for Kanji final using flashcards and final project

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/5 Japanese 2 A3

Vocab quiz
Got oral test flashcards
Wrote the answers on the back
Worked on their final project finished translating sentences.

Homework: Oral test flashcards

5/5 Japanese 2 A1

Checked HW (Flashcards)
Watched Japanese drama
Wrote the answers on the back of the oral test flashcards
Gave translations back

Homework: Unit test

Monday, May 4, 2015

5/4 Japanese AP B4

Remind everyone about their sentences
Continue mock test

Homework: No homework. Those are taking the AP test, memorize the advice on green packet and also keep studying vocab on quizlet.

5/4 Japanese 1 B3

REviewed flashcards in pairs
Vocab quiz
Worksheet on colors
Reviewed for oral test

HW: Study for the oral test and work on your final project presentation

5/4 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (colors worksheet)
Speaking reviewing hobbies, things you like, dislike, good at and bad at
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Oral test questions

Homework: Finish translating and answer the last 2 questions on the oral test worksheet

Friday, May 1, 2015

5/1 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (Finish review worksheet)
Reviewed grammar again
Corrected packet
Listening practice

HW: Unit test

5/1 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (vocab flashcards)
Reviewed vocab
Reviewed Kanji
Reviewed Kanji with flashcards
Chapter review

Homework: Vocab quiz

5/1 Japanese 2 A1

Vocab quiz
REviewed Kanji in pairs with flashcards
Unit review reviewing grammar, Kanji and vocab
Gave oral test flashcards
Signed up for presentation (either 5/15 or 5/19)

Homework: Oral test flashcards cut