Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked Homework (Exercises using Base te + る)
  • Kanji Quiz (All the Kanji from Japanese 2)
  • Corrected homework and reviewed Base te +る
  • Learned Base te +ない (Not + Verb+ ing)


Japanese 2

  • Reviewed adjectives
  • Adjectives Quiz (Type and meaning)
  • Finished watching もののけひめ
しゅくだい:Describe your house using adjectives. You'll have to write 5 sentences using different adjecrives.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Kanji Quiz
  • Reviewed Reading 「ノーサンキュー」
  • New Grammar Honorific Passive P.30

宿題:1)Reading Test (make sure you know how to read all the Kanji on the ノーサンキューReading)
   2)Watch at home the Japanese drama 一リットルのなみだ(One litre of tears) from the following website. If this does not work from your computer you can watch also at youtube or

While you are watching, please write 10 words you did not understand to share in class.

Japanese 1

  • Gave time to finish Hiragana Blue Packet
  • Reviewed all the hiragana learned so far. Also the Hiragana that requires tenten and maru.
  • New Hiragana ま、み、む、め、も
  • Blue Packet reading for ま、み、む、め、も
  • Hiragana Listening and Writing Practice
  • Reviewed masu Box
  • New grammar Miemasuka

しゅくだい:Hiragana Quiz (Pages 15 to 22 of blue packet)


  • Checked homework (show notebook)
  • Late presentations of Alvaro and Jaime
  • Alvaro presented about Toy Story and Jaime about 2Fast2Furious
  • Talked again problem and solution
  • Gave the following topics for them to write about the solution.

1) My car broke and I cannot drive to school

2) My mom got sick and she's hospitalized

3) My sister is doing drugs

Homework: Finish writing the solutions at home.

Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Base te Quiz
  • Reviewed proverb + new 花より団子
  • Reviewed Kanji for next class's Quiz
  • New grammar Base te + る (Corresponds to Verb + ing in English)
  • Execises using Base te + る

しゅくだい:Verbs Quiz and Base te + る exercises (Translate 5 sentences)

Japanese 2

  • Collected homework ( sentences using adjectives)
  • Reviewed adjectives, いBox and ですBox
  • Practiced the difference between い and な Adjectives
  • Translation exercises

しゅくだい:Adjectives Quiz (Study the Adjectives list. You have to know the adjective's types and the meaning)

Information about extra credit opportunity

Do you need extra credit and want to learn more about the Japanese culture? Why don't you go and watch the movie "White on Rice"? It is shown at Provo Cinemark now (1200 Town Center Blvd. Provo, UT 84601)

The showtimes are:
11:55am 2:10pm 4:20pm 6:45pm 9:00pm

If you want to get some more information about the movie, go to:

Or you can watch the movie trailer from here.

After you watch the movie make sure you write 1/2 page report about it including some Cultural Differences you found and what you liked about the movie.

Have fun!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

9/25 B Day

Japanese 4
  • Checked homework (Flashcards + Chapter one Kanji exercises)
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Useful expressions (extra polite forms) P.1
  • Listening from AP test (Movie actor)
しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz (Kanji from Japanese 2 and 3) Japanese 1

  • Colors + weather Quiz
  • Finished watching TOTORO
  • New Hiragana は、ひ、ふ、へ、ほ
  •           ば、び、ぶ、べ、ぼ
  •           ぱ、ぴ、ぷ、ぺ、ぽ
  • Blue Packet exercises

しゅくだい: No shukudai. ESL

  • Finished watching TOTORO
  • While watching the movie, they had to write 10 words it was new for them.
  • Vocabulary review
  • Gave their writing assignments back
  • Talked about their mistakes + Keep a writing journal
  • Talked about PROBLEM & SOLUTION

しゅくだい:Bring a notebook for your writing journal

9/24 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Collected homework (Sentences using grammar learned)
  • Reviewed proverbs + new (となりの花は赤い)
  • Reviewed previous grammar
  • Reviewed Base te
  • Watched Nihongo dekimasu (Base te informal)
  • Reviewed Kanji from Japanese 2
しゅくだい:Base Te Quiz
       Remember that we are going to have a Kanji Quiz on Wednesday!!!!!

Japanese 2

  • Collected homework (Base te sentences)
  • Base te Quiz
  • Reviewed previous grammar
  • Learned new grammar (Adjectives)

しゅくだい: Write 3 sentences using i adjectives and 3 more using na adjectives

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9/23 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Gave previous essay back ( writing using grammar points from Review packet)
  • Talked about some common mistakes
  • Read Kina chan's writing
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • New Kanji from Chapter 1
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu Plain form +んです
しゅくだい:Flashcards and Kanji exercises (10 times each Kanji)

Japanese 1
  • Checked homework (Hiragana blue packet)
  • Reviewed Hiragana
  • New Hiragana な、に、ぬ、ね、の
  • Blue Packet (reading and writing practice)
  • Reviewed colors and weather expressions
  • Lesson 2 (New useful expressions)
  • Masu Box
しゅくだい:Colors and weather expressions Quiz

  • New idiom Egghead
  • Listening Practice 「We are the champions」
  • Reading Folk Tale about Ananse being wise
  • Discussion about the reading
  • New vocabulary

9/22 A Day

Sorry guys, I've been having some fever and strong headaches and I could not come to school.

ごめんなさい m(_ _)m

This is the homework the sub has assigned to you guys.

Japanese 3
  • Write a mini essay using at least 4 grammar points learned from Lesson 1.
  • You have to write at least 10 sentences.
  • An easy topic would be to talk about your family including title, occupation and quotes from your family.

Japanese 2
Write 5 sentences connecting with Base te.

Example: わたしはおすしをたべて、がっこうにいきました。
       I ate sushi and went to school.

9/21 B Day

Sorry guys, I've been having some fever and strong headaches and I could not come to school.

ごめんなさい m(_ _)m

This is the homework the sub assigned to you guys.

Japanese 4

Japanese 1
Blue Hiragana Packet P.1 ~ 13

Writing about 「how to find a solution」

Friday, September 18, 2009

9/18 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Reviewed previous grammar
  • Reviewed Bases and verbs
  • New grammar って思う
  •           BV+う
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu

Japanese 2

  • Checked homework (7 sentences using Baseて+ください)
  • Some of the students read their sentences
  • Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu Baseて+ください
  • Reviewed Baseて Song
  • New Grammar (Connecting sentences using base て)
  • Writing practice (Used the homework connecting sentences using Baseて)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

9/17 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Gave their writing assignment back (Use 7 grammar points from the review packet)
  • Peer review
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Reviewed から asking questions
  • Finished Review packet


Japanese 1

  • Hiragana Quiz
  • Reviewed the whole Chapter 1 with exercises
  • Reviewed Colors
  • Dictation practice



  • Talked about previous homework
  • Reviewed what we did last class
  • Listening practice about Grandpa's conversation
  • Talked about new vocabulary
  • Exercises using action verbs
  • Guessing action verbs game
  • Writing activity in class using new vocabulary learned

Homework: Exercises using new vocabulary

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Any suggestions?

I try to post what we did in class everyday and some other information on this blog. But I don't really know how many people are checking or reading it.

Is it really helpful or should I stop?

If you have any suggestions or comments, I'll be very happy to know!!!! Sometimes it seems I am writing to no one. Sabishii desu (T.T)

9/16 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Corrected Kanji exercises
  • Reviewed Kanji with Cards
  • Reviewed previous proverb + New proverb (石の上にも三年)
  • New Grammar Quotation って言った

しゅくだい:Exercises reviewing Base te (Combine sentences)

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed Kanji (Numbers and Days of the week)
  • Checked homework (Kanji exercises) and corrected
  • New Grammar Base te+ください
  • Watched Nihongo dekimasu

しゅくだい:Write 7 sentences using Baseて+ください

Would you like to get a scholarship to go to Japan?

I know that this is a very short notice, but I just got the information today by email.

Youth For Understanding USA (YFU USA) is proud to announce a new short-
term scholarship opportunity for students to study in Japan! This year, a new winter program has been introduced: the Winter Japan-America Friendship Scholars Program

This three-week Winter JAFS Program runs from December 26, 2009 to January
16, 2010. Students will have an orientation prior to departure and will then live
with a host family. By living with host families, YFU students are immersed in
both the language and culture of Japan. JAFS Scholars will attend a local
Japanese school for one-week. JAFS scholars will also have the opportunity to
further their understanding of this complex culture by participating in excursions
to museums and other cultural events. Students will also be present for the
Japanese New Year celebration.

For more information, check the website and

Students that will have completed at least one semester prior to departure on
program are eligible for this scholarship. There is a $1,700 program contribution.
The application deadline is September 21, 2009.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanji of the day

Strokes 7
On-reading ka
Kun-reading hana
Meanings flower, blossom

Radical Kusakanmuri


9/15 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Collected homework (Write 7 sentences using Review Grammar from Japanese 3)
  • Finished Kanji exercises
  • Corrected exercises reviewing meaning and readinng
  • Reviewed [から]
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu


Japanese 1

  • Reviewed Hiragana あ~そ
  • New Hiragana た~と
  • Blue Packet
  • Learned colors
  • Listening Practice Utada Hikaru 「Colors」

しゅくだい:Hiragana Quiz あ~と


  • New idiom 「Ditch class]
  • Collected homework [What did you learn from Pursuit of Happiness」
  • Luis' Presentation on Open Season Movie
  • Talked about some vocabulary learned from the movie
  • Discussion about the message they learned from the movie
  • Unit 2 「Wise]

Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/14 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (Exercises reviewingの、している & しか)
  • Corrected exercises
  • Returned previous writing and talked about common mistakes
  • Reviewed Kanji and handed in matching exercises
  • Reviewed Proverbs + new (ばかにつける薬はない)

しゅくだい: Rewrite sentences using Bて+います
        Kanji exercises

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed BII+たい
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu
  • Reviewed ほしい
  • Listening practice (Telephone numbers, greetings, Etc)

しゅくだい:Kanji review exercises

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kanji of the day

Strokes 3
On-reading jo, nyo
Kun-reading onna, me
Meanings woman, female, girl

9/11 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked Writing assignment using connectors
  • Peer review
  • Kanji review exercises (Kanji from Japanese 1, 2 and 3)
  • Grammar review from Japanese 3

しゅくだい: Writing (at least 7 sentences) in any topic using the grammar reviewed from the packet.

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Hiragana flashcards)
  • Practiced Hiragana in pairs using the flashcards
  • Finished listening
  • Learned weather expressions P.28
  • Particle Nee P.29
  • Watched DVD (Japanese movies from World language festival)

NO homework


  • Shared some insights about Pursuit of happiness
  • Talked about new vocabulary
  • Finished watching the movie
  • Compound words from yellow packet

Homework: Writing homework (half page) about what you've learned from the movie
Luis is going to give his presentation next class

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kanji of the day

Strokes 5
On-reading hon
Kun-reading moto
Meanings basis, book, this, main, real

9/10 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Collected homework (Writing combining sentences using Base te)
  • Reviewed previous proverbs + new (三日ぼうず)
  • Reviewed previous grammar の   &  をしています
  • New grammar しか    WH+でも
  • Gave exercises using  の    をしています   しか

しゅくだい:Finish exercises we started in class

Japanese 2

  • Corrected homework (exercises using BII+たい)
  • Reviewed BII+たい   ほしい
  • Juniors went to Assembly

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you like Kanji? Learn one Kanji a day!!!

Since I started learning Kanji (Chinese characters), I felt in love with it.

Kanji is beautiful, fun and meaningful.

I will introduce one Kanji a day for those who want to learn.

Today Kanji is

Radical: kokoro  心

Strokes: 13
On-reading: ai
Kun-reading: ito(shii)
Meanings: love, affection

Retrieved from :

9/9 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Talked about previous writing (things you like and dislike from school)
  • Talked about sentence connectors: ので、のに、しかし、そして、ですが、あとは、Bte
  • Read Kina chan's writing
  • Grammar review from Japanese 3
  • Listening practice (Orange Range Kizuna)
しゅくだい:Rewrite using connectors

Japanese 1
  • Gave hiragana flashcards
  • New Hiragana さ、し、す、せ、そ、ざ、じ、ず、ぜ、ぞ
  • Blue Hiragana Packet (practiced reading and writing)
  • Reviewed kore,sore,are
  • Learned how to say phone numbers in Japanese connecting with no
  • Listening Practice reviewing everything learned
しゅくだい:Hiragana flashcards

  • Watched Pursuit of HappYness
  • Class discussion
  • Explained again about class project
  • Went through some new vocabulary from the movie

9/8 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Kanji Quiz (Chapter 1)
  • Kanji exercises reviewing some of the Kanji from Japanese 2
  • Gave [Weekend] & [Summer Break] writing back
  • Explained how to combine sentences using Base TE
  • Reviewed Base Te song

しゅくだい:Rewrite Weekend & Summer Break combining sentences

Japanese 2

  • Useful expressions Quiz
  • Reviewed previous grammar BII+たい & Noun+が+ほしい
  • Watched Pres. Obama's speech
  • Dictation reviewing Numbers and Days of the week Kanji

しゅくだい:BII+たい & Noun+が+ほしい Exercises (White paper)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Need extra credit?

Every term I give opportunities to earn some extra credit. Right now, you can choose from the following:

1) If you host a Japanese exchange student and write a one page report about things you learned, including cultural and language matters, you can get 15 points of extra credit.

2) Watch the following Japanese movie. 15 points

David Boyle who resides in Prove has produced a movie, "Big Dream Little
Tokyo," about three years ago and his second Japanese speaking production,
"White on Rice" has been shown in New York and Hollywood and it is coming to
SLC in September. "White on Rice" has received excellent reviews and the boy
actor from Provo who played the main character has been awarded several
awards for his excellent acting.

The story (comedy) goes like this:

A middle aged Japanese man was kicked out of his marriage because he was not
working with not ambitions or direction in his life. So, he comes to Los
Angeles to be a free loader to his sister who is married to a successful
lawyer. The family has a son who plays the piano well. This boy and his
uncle becomes very close friends, and the boy eventually teaches his uncle
the facts of the life: decide his life destiny for himself by himself.

The regular show starts at noon on September 25 at Century 16, 33rd South State Street, Salt Lake City.
The theaters hasn't decided on the showtimes yet. Unfortunately, it's really up to them but It will be showing 5 times a day starting at around noon. The ticket prices are as follows:

Century 16 Salt Lake City
Adult Evening
Child (1-11) /Senior (62+)
Adult Matinee before 6pm
Early Bird First Matinee Showtime (7 days a week).
Seniors Day - All Day Monday

After watching it, write some things you learned and some Japanese expressions you could practice, learn or review from the movie. It has to be at least 1/2 page.

9/4 B Day

Japanese 4
  • Collected homework (Writing about things you like and dislike in school)
  • Talked about mistakes found on the previous writing\
  • Talked about Writing Journal (Take notes about all the mistakes you make in your notebook)
  • Watched movies + Japanese Drama (Gokusen)

Japanese 1

  • Useful expressions Quiz
  • New Katakana カ、キ、ク、ケ、コ (Ka, ki, ku, ke, ko)
  • Practiced reading from blue packet
  • Reviewed the following expressions:
1)Kore wa nan desu ka?
  Sore wa _______ desu.
2) Kore wa ________ desu ka?
Hai, sou desu.
Iie chigaimasu. Sore wa _________ desu.

Pair work using Hiragana flashcards (ア、イ、ウ、エ、オ、カ、キ、ク、ケ、コ). Practice using expressions and hiragana.

Shukudai: Nothing.

  • Collected homework (Movie's name for the project)
  • Talked about this term project again.
  • I demonstrated how you have to present your movie
  • Watched "Pursuit if HappYness"
  • Listening Practice filling in the blanks.

No homework.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/3 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (Kanji Flashcards from Chapter 1)
  • Writing activity (peer review)
  • Talked about common mistakes
  • Reviewed previous proverbs
  • Proverb of the day
  • New grammar from Chapter 1 (____の Name  &  ___をしています)P.33
  • Exercises reviewing useful expressions
  • Writing Practice 「10年後、何をしていると思いますか。」
       What do you think you will be doing in 10 years from now?

しゅくだい:KanjiQuiz(Chapter 1)

Japanese 2
  • Kanji Quiz (Days of the week)
  • Reviewed all the Kanji learned (NUmbers and days of the week)
  • Reviewed previous grammar BV+う  
  • Reviewed Bases
  • New Grammar
BII+たい (Want+verb) BII+たくない  (Do not want+verb) 
Noun+が+ほしい  (Want+noun)  Noun+が+ほしくない  (Do not want+noun)

しゅくだい:Useful expressions Quiz  (Study the yellow paper. You can download also from here)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/2 B Day

Japanese 4

  • Checked homework (Writing about weekend)
  • Talked about previous writing assignment (Goals for this year)
  • Went through reading material from last class
  • Reviewed grammar from Japanese 3

しゅくだい:Writing Practice (Write at least 5 sentences)
           What is your favorite and least favorite things in your school?

Japanese 1
  • Collected homework (あ & い 10Times)
  • Learned Hiragana う、え、お (U,e,o)
  • Practice Writing and Reading using new packet
  • Reviewed Kore, sore and are
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu

しゅくだい: Useful expressions Quiz. Use green sheet to study.

  • Explained about this term Speaking Project (Talk about a movie you like)
  • Reading about seasons
  • New grammar [Might」
  • Group activity asking questions using might
  • Talked about mistakes students made in their previous writing assignment
  • Writing practice [What did you do last week?」
Homework: Look for movies for your presentation and bring the name of the movie you are going to present about.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9/1 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (Writing about Summer Break, Useful expressions exercises and Kanji exercises)
  • Corrected exercises (Kanji and useful expressions)
  • Reviewed learned proverbs and new proverb
  • Writing activity 週末何をしましたか。(What did you do this weekend?)

しゅくだい:Make flashcards。If you were absent, make sure to download it from here.

Japanese 2

  • Checked homework (Kanji exercises)
  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Reviewed Verbs' bases
  • New Grammar BV+う
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu

しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz + Write each Kanji 10 times each