Wednesday, February 27, 2019

2/27 Japanese AP A4

Checked homework: Kanji packet review. You can refer to the link below.

Played quizlet live

Homework: Study for the Unit 6 Kanji test

2/27 Japanese 2 A1, A2, A3

Checked homework:Unit 8 Vocab packet. You can find the answers on this link

Reviewed the vocab above playing quizlet live

Homework: Study for Unit 8 Vocab quiz. You can practice the quiz from the links below.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Japanese Club pictures tomorrow at 1:20

Club pictures tomorrow at 1:20 at the old commons area. Wear a black shirt if you can.

Last extra credit of this term

Utah Japan Bowl this Saturday at 5 pm.  35 points of extra credit

BYU Japan Festival from 6 pm to 8 pm. 15 points of extra credit. For those attending the festival, a half page report in English is required with a picture proving that you were there.

Utah Japan Bowl this Saturday 3/2 at 5 pm

Please find below the map for the BYU Campus. The Tanner Building is: TNRB and it’s

the building #81 on the map.

From the North if you take University Avenue to 1060 N and turn East the you will pass the

Indoor Practice Facility, building #45 on map, the Smith Field House, building #72 on map,

and the Richards PE building #67 on map. The Tanner Building is just after the Richards

building. This is the best way for buses to get into the Tanner parking, if you are coming

with your school’s bus.

The event begins at 5 pm with the opening ceremonies. Registration must be done by 4:45

pm. Remember we need to show respect to BYU professors and Japanese volunteers, so as

soon as you check-in at the registration desk, please be seated quietly. During the check-in,

you will get your shirts.

The schedule will be as follow:

4:30-4:45 Check-in

5:00 Opening Ceremony

5:15 Bowl starts

5:45-6:00 Games

6:15 Closing ceremony and awards

After attending the competition, all students are invited to attend the BYU Japanese Festival at the SmithField building. You will get tickets to play games, but bringing some cash is recommended for food/drinks. 

We really appreciate your help and time bringing your students to BYU for this wonderful event. 

がんばってください!(Good luck)

Mrs. Bellini

Late assignments/homework and retakes

Just a friendly reminder that next Wednesday (March, 6) is the last day for any late homework and retakes. No exceptions!

2/26 Japanese 3 B4

Watched movies and chose the best 2 movies

If you need review from previous classes, check the links below.
Learned new vocab Unit 9

Learned about Kabuki

Homework: Packet below given last Friday.

2/26 Japanese 1 B1 and B3

Watched everyone's movies

Explained about family presentation next week. Follow the sentences below and start working on your Powerpoint. There's a powerpoint link you can follow.

If you need any review, follow the links below.

Reviewed "my family" vocab

Reviewed family vocab, people and age counter

Reviewed age in Japanese

Reviewed people counter in japanese

Reviewed out-group family vocab

Reviewed grades in school. Watch the video below if you were absent and take notes on your vocab section.

Reviewed countries and nationalities. If you have been absent, please watch the video below.

Practiced presenting their family presentation and wrote on their journals. If you were absent, write the following sentences on the back of your note (journal section). Please check your journal if you have all the sentences below.

1)This is my family's picture.

2)My family is (#) people (I have #people in my family).
かぞくは #にんです。

3)My family is (consists of) dad, mom,older brother, older sister, younger brother, younger sister and me.

4) This is my father. My father's name is _________. My father is ______ years old.

5) This is my mother. My mother's name is _________. My mother is ______ years old.

6) My family is American.

7) I am in 9th grade. 

I am in 10th grade.

I am in 11th grade。

I am in 12th grade.

8)My younger brother is in 3rd grade. (Apply this sentences to your own siblings).

Homework: Bring a family picture (black and white OK) printed. Start working on your powerpoint presentation. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

2/25 Japanese AP A4

Movie project

Homework:  Kanji packet review. You can refer to the link below.

2/25 Japanese 1 A1, A2, A3

Watched movies for movie project

Homework: Finish Unit 8 Vocab packet. You can find the answers on this link

Friday, February 22, 2019

2/22 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework: Kanji packet Unit 6 (P. 148 and 19X each Kanji) and bring all Kanji flashcards cut out. Have Unit 6 flashcards ready to show me (all written on the back).

Reviewed Unit 6 Kanji using flashcards

Reviewed Kanji Unit 6

Unit 6 Kanji review packet

Learned new vocab Unit 9

Learned about Kabuki

Homework: The packet above is due next Thursday and the movie project is due on Tuesday (2/26).