Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (BII kaeru worksheet)
Corrected homework and reviewed grammar

Watched Rookies 5

Homework: No homework

11/25 Japanese 2 A3

Checked flashcards and vocab worksheet
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Reviewed all grammar
Gave rubric

Homework: Vocab quiz

11/25 Japanese 2 A1

Checked flashcards and vocab worksheet
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Finished adding sentences to family draft
Watched Zettai kareshi on youtube

Homework: Vocab quiz

We need help for Festival of Trees

Japanese Club and Anime club are participating on the Festival of Trees. We will be decorating our tree to be sold and the money will go towards to help Sub for Santa at American Fork. If you have any ornaments or anything that we could use to decorate our tree, please contact me or any club member. We need to have our tree ready by Dec 10th. Any help would be really appreciated! Arigatou!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Some benefits of learning a second language

a.       Second language study benefits academic progress in other subjects, plus learning another language can enhance knowledge of English structure and vocabulary.

b.      Second language study narrows achievement gaps.

c.       Second language study benefits basic skills development.

d.      Second language study benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking.

e.       Second language study enhances a student's sense of achievement.

f.       Second language students score higher on standardized tests. There is a correlation between language study and higher scores on the SAT and ACT Tests

g.      Second language study promotes cultural awareness and competency.

h.      Second language study found to improve chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment.

i.        Second language study enhances career opportunities.

j.        Second language study benefits understanding and security in community and society.

Why should you learn Japanese? Why not?


Japan Bowl

Last year Utah held the first Utah Japan Bowl. Schools all over Utah participated in this event and AF scored very high overall.


This year the National Japan Bowl invited Utah to come to the Nationals in April. The Nationals will pay for the best 2 groups to go to compete there. (air ticket, hotel and registration fees)

If you are interested, please start studying for the Japan Bowl.
That's the study guide.


National Japanese Exam

AFHS will held the National Japanese Exam in March of 2015. Registration starts in December.


The purpose of the National Japanese Exam is to…
  • serve as a diagnostic assessment of Japanese language skills. By viewing the results, teachers can determine their students' strengths and weaknesses in reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge. Teachers should combine the NJE with their own additional assessments to get a clear picture of student proficiency levels;
  • motivate students to further their study of and interest in Japanese language and culture;
  • advocate for the standards-based, proficiency-oriented, and content-based teaching and learning of Japanese language and culture.

Japanese club and Anime club shirts

Please pay for your shirts at the financial office by tomorrow.

Anime club

Japanese club

11/24 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (Journal K)
Collected journal
tameni worksheet
New grammar

HW: Worksheet given in class

11/24 Japanese 1 B3 from Mountain View

Checked HW (workshet 3-3) and flashcards
Reviewed grades
Everyone practiced presenting draft to a friend
New Katakana ta-to
New vocabulary
New worksheet

Homework: Katakana packet P. 47-51

11/24 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (worksheet 3-3) and flashcards
Learned grades
Add sentences to family draft
Present your draft to a friend
New Katakana ta-to

Homework: Katakana packet P. 47-51

Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/21 Japanese 3 A4

Worksheet on BII+かえる (grammar learned last class)
Watched Rookies

Homework: Bring your worksheet done

11/21 Japanese 2 A3

Vocabulary worksheet
Watched Zettai kareshi

Homework: Vocabulary worksheet and vocab flashcards

11/21 Japanese 2 A1

Vocab worksheet
Watched Zettai kareshi

Homework: Flashcards and vocab worksheet

11/20 Japanese AP B4

Quiz K Part I
Journal K

Watched one litter of tears

Homework:  Journal K

11/20 Japanese 1 B3

Katakana quiz a-so
Finished the worksheet 3-3 in class (back part)

Watched Hanayori Dango

Homework: Katakana flashcards and worksheet 3-3

11/20 Japanese 1 B1

Katakana quiz
Got Katakana flashcards
New worksheet 3-3

Watched Hanayori Dango

Homework: Worksheet given in class (3-3) and Katakana flashcards

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/19 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW ( to iu to ka worksheet)
Reviewed grammar
Corrected HW
Kanji game
New grammar

Homework: ありません

11/19 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (worksheet 2-4)
Finish map speaking activity
Corrected HW
Added sentences to family draft

Homework: Vocab flashcards

11/19 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (Vocab worksheet)
Reviewed vocabulary
Finished speaking activity P. 53
New grammar のがすきです のはたのしいです
Add sentences to family draft
I am still a junior.
I am not 18 yet.
I am already a high school student.
I am not a junior high school student anymore.

Homework: Flashcards

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/18 Japanese AP

Quiz J
GHIJ reading
Reviewed Kanji
Kanji game

Homework: Quiz K part I (pages 20, 21 and 22)

11/18 Japanese 1 B3

Family terms and counters quiz
Reviewed Katakana a-so
Reviewed grades
Worksheet on out-group family and grades
Katakana game

Homework: Katakana quiz a-so

Japanese dramas watched in class

Those are the Japanese dramas we are watching in class.

Japanese 1  Hanayori Dango

Japanese 2 Zettai kareshi

Japanese 3 Rookies

Japanese AP

11/18 Japanese 1 B1

Family terms and counters quiz
Out-group family worksheet
Speaking practice
Katakana writing practice

Homework: Katakana quiz a-ko

Monday, November 17, 2014

11/15 Japanese 3 A4

No homework
Reviewed events and corrected previous HW (events worksheet)
New grammar to iu and to ka
Speaking using new grammar

Homework: Finish worksheet on to iu and to ka

11/17 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (Worksheet on mou and mada)
Corrected HW
Reviewed mou and mada and vocabulary from pages 48 and 49
Reviewed masu to informal form
Directions activity using a map

HW: Worksheet 2-4 (check page 56 to do this homework)

11/17 Japanese 2 A1

Location and  verbs quiz
Vocab worksheet
Reviewed how to change masu to dictionary form
Speaking using new grammar P. 53

Homework: Finish vocab worksheet

Friday, November 14, 2014

11/14 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (Kanji flashcards)
Watched one liter of tears
Quiz I
Journal I
Reviewed no tame ni

Homework: Quiz J

11/14 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW (Katakana packet P. 37-40)
Reviewed Katakana
New Katakana
Corrected HW and practiced writing Katakana chart
Reviewed grades and ages

HW: Family vocab and counters (nin and sai) quiz

11/14 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (Katakana P. 41-45)
Corrected HW
Reviewed Katakana
Reviewed counters with ball game
Katakana chart writing practice

Homework: Counters (sai and nin) and family terms quiz (in-group and out-group)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/13 Japanese 2 A3

Reviewed for the quiz
Reviewed vocabulary P. 48 and 49
Learned mou and mada
Translation exercises using mou and mada
Learned how to change formal form to informal

Homework: Worksheet on mou and mada

11/13 Japanese 3 A4

Checked homework (aizuchi/events worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Kanji quiz
Watched Rookies episode 3 and part of episode 4

Homework: No homework

11/13 Japanese 2 A1

Checked HW (Worksheet on mou, mada)
Reviewed previous grammar
Corrected homework
Location Review worksheet

Homework: Verbs and location nouns

11/12 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (Kanji worksheet) and journal H
Read Journal H in pairs
Reviewed Kanji
Gave Kanji flashcards
New grammar no tame ni (in order to, for the sake of)
Reviewed  verbs  nusumu, naguru, shikaru, homeru
Finished Worksheet

Homework: Quiz I and Kanji flashcards

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW (katakana packet P. 33-35)
Corrected homework and reviewed Katakana
Reviewed in-group and out-group
New vocabulary (grades)
New Katakana ka-ko

Homework:  Katakana packet P. 37-40

11/12 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (in-group and out-group worksheet)
Corrected HW
Reviewed Katakana
Add  more sentences to family draft
Everyone drew a picture of your family and presented to a friend
New Katakana sa-so
Katakana writing practice

HW: Katakana packet (P. 41-45)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11/11 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (Kanji flashcards and new proverb worksheet)
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Corrected HW
Learned about school events and aizuchi

HW: Kanji quiz and finish proverbs worksheet

11/11 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (Questions answered from speaking activity)
Corrected homework
New grammar mada mou
Vocab Worksheet
Review worksheet

HW: Verbs and location quiz

11/11 Japanese 2 A1

No homework
Reviewed verbs
Speaking using new verbs
Reviewed directions
Speaking about location using a bedroom picture
New grammar still, not yet, already, not anymore

Homework: Worksheet on new grammar (still, not yet, already, not anymore)

Monday, November 10, 2014

11/10 Japanese AP B4

H Quiz
Journal H
Reviewed passive
Finished passive worksheet
Reviewed Kanji

Homework: Journal H and Kanji worksheet

11/10 Japanese 1 B3

Checked homework (family worksheet 3-2)
Reviewed family terms
Finished Family terms vocab reviewed worksheet
Reviewed sentences in family draft
Everyone drew their family and practiced family presentation 
Started Katakana

Homework: Katakana worksheet P. 33-35

11/10 Japanese 1 B1

Checked homework (Katakana P. 37-40)
Watched episode 3 of Hanayori Dango
Corrected homework
Reviewed Katakana
Reviewed in-group family
Out-group family
Gave family worksheet

Homework: Family worksheet (in-group and out-group)

Friday, November 7, 2014

11/7 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (10 questions with answers)
Reviewed Kanji
Kanji game
Gave flashcards
New proverb

HW: New proverb flashcards and Kanji flashcards done

11/7 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (Worksheet 2-2 directions)
Reviewed directions
Corrected HW
Speaking activity on position/directions

Homework: Bring the questions we started in class answered

11/7 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (2 sentences using directions)
Ask some students to share
Reviewed directions
Corrected previous homework
Listening Unit 1

Homework: NO homework

Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/5 Japanese AP B4

Checked homework (questions with answers)
Speaking on G vocab
New Kanji
New grammar (passive)

Homework: H quiz

11/6 Japanese 1 B3

Checked homework (family worksheet 3-1)
Corrected homework
Reviewed in-group family
Reviewed counters
Worksheet in-group out-group worksheet
Started family draft
Out-group family P. 5

Homework: Out-group family worksheet

11/6 Japanese 1 B1

Checked homework (Katakana P. 33-35)
Corrected homework
Reviewed Katakana
Reviewed in-group family
Gave family worksheet
Reviewed counters
Started family draft
New Katakana

Homework: Katakana packet P. 37-40

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/5 Japanese 3 A4

Checked homework (those that didn't bring Kanji worksheet)
Utah Japan Bowl research

Homework: Bring 10 questions with answers about the topic you researched in class

11/5 Japanese 2 A3

No homework
Reviewed verbs
Reviewed bte imasu (ing)
Matching worksheet on bte imasu
Finished speaking activity with verbs
Learned Position and arimasu/imasu P.41

Homework: Worksheet (refer to P41 of your textbook)

11/5 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (position worksheet)
Helped them to memorize new vocab
Game hiding an object

Homework: Add 2 more sentences to your family presentation draft using some of the new vocab learned today.

11/4 Japanese AP B4

Checked journal G
Talk about Utah Japan Bowl
Divided the class and groups to reserach abot their topics

Homework: Create 10 questions with answers about your topic

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/4 Japanese 1 B3

Checked homework (vocab review worksheet)
Finish listening unit 2 (exercise 1)
Start unit 3
Family terms and People/Age counter
Speaking assignment asking questions to each other

Homework: Finish family worksheet

11/4 Japanese 1 B1

Reviewed vocab
Vocab test
New Katakana a-o
New vocab (family and counters) P. 52 and 53

Homework: Katakana packet P. 33-35

11/3 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (bte imasu worksheet)
New grammar Bte imasu (ing form)
Reviewed new  verbs
Speaking activity using new verbs
family terms review
Gave everyone the worksheet that contain some sentences learned last year including

No homework

Monday, November 3, 2014

11/3 Japanese 3 A4

Checked homework (Kanji worksheet)
Explained all  New Kanji
Corrected homework

Homework: Finish Kanji worksheet

11/3 Japanese 2 A1

Checked hw
Watched Zettai kareshi
Rev iewed verbs
Reviewed bte imasu
Corrected homework
Played charades
New grammar P. 41

Homework: Worksheet on P. 41

10/31 Japanese AP B4

Quiz G
Journal G
Watched one liter of tears

Homework: Journal G

10/31 Japanese 1 B3

Gave everyone time to review for the quiz
Vocab/expressions quiz
Review worksheet Japanese-English
Watched Hanayori Dango

Homework: Bring the review worksheet done

10/31 Japanese 1 B1

Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Watch Hanayori Dango

Homework: Vocab test and worksheet