Friday, December 17, 2010

Important Announcement

After we come back from Winter break, we will only have 2 more weeks by the end of the term that ends at January 14th. I think I announced in class that we would have only one week, but we actually have 2. However, this two weeks will fly by if you don't take the action to improve your grades.

Things you should do during the break:

1) Check your grades in skyward and see if you have any homework we forgot to turn in.

2) If you have a couple of quizzes you didn't do well, choose one to retake. I accept one retake per term.

3) Work on your movie project!!! Either start memorizing your script and/or start filming. Remember that the editing part takes most of the time, so if you don't start soon you will be in trouble.
The deadline for the movies are:
Japanese 1 - Feb 10th
Japanese 2, 3 and AP - Feb 11th

I AM NOT going to accept any movie after the deadline. This will be your biggest project for third term, so if you you don't turn in on time you'll get a zero!

I really want everyone to succeed in this class, so anything you need help, don't hesitate to come and talk to me!!!! I can help you to find ways to improve your grades!!!!

Thanks everyone for all your hard work and see all of you in 2 weeks!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

A1& A2 Japanese 1 12/17

Christmas Party

We went caroling and ate some snacks.

Have a nice holyday!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

B1 & B2 Japanese 2, 3 and AP 12/16


We went caroling around the school and ate some treats!

Thank you to those who brought treats today!! It was a very fun party!!!

Have a nice and safe holiday everyone!!!

If you have any questions about your movie script, please email ( with a title PARENT OF, otherwise your email will go to my junk folder) or leave a comment here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A1 & A2 Japanese 1 12/15


  • Reviewed days of the month with song and months
  • Days of the month and months Quiz
  • Reviewed nationalities
  • Exercises using nationalities
  • Sang Christmas songs

HW: Review the songs we are going to carol on Friday. Friday will be our Christmas party so bring a treat to share and also wear red and/or green. If you have a Santa hat you can wear that too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Extra credit for Thursday (B day) and Friday (A day)

On Thursday and Friday we'll be caroling around the school and we'll be having a Christmas party after that in class. So, please bring treats to share with everyone (cookies or candies or drinks or chips, ANYTHING). If you bring, I'll give you extra credit.

Also, don't forget to wear Christmas colors and if you have a Santa Claus hat, please bring it!!!!

B2 Japanese 3/AP 12/14


Checked homework from AP students
Since everyone did the homework, we watched 15 minutes of Pom Poko

Japanese 3
Reviewed previous grammar
New grammar  Quotation(って言いました)、BV+う(Let’s)、WH+でも

Japanese AP
Writing practice (Using at least 10 words from the vocabulary list A to K)

Sang Christmas songs


B1 Japanese 2 12/14


  • Checked homework (Vocabulary list from Chapter 2)
  • Since everyone did the homework, we watched 15 minutes of Whisper of the Heart
  • Corrected homework
  • Culture lesson about Birthdays in Japan
  • New grammar BIII+のがすきです
  • Practiced Christmas songs

Homework: Nothing

Monday, December 13, 2010

A2 Japanese 1 12/13


  • Reviewed Family terms
  • Speaking activity using family terms and age/people counters
  • New grammar (Nationality)
  • Reviewed months and days of the month
  • Reviewed days of the month song
  • Sang Christmas Carols in Japanese

Homework: Days of the month and months Quiz (Make sure you know how to sing the song as well)

A1 Japanese 1 12/13


  • Reviewed family terms (in-group and out-group)
  • Speaking activity using family terms
  • New grammar (Nationality)
  • Reviewed months and days of the month
  • Sang the day of the month song

Homework: Months, days of the month Quiz (Make sure you know the song as well)

Friday, December 10, 2010

B2 Japanese 3 & AP 12/10


Japanese 3
  • Checked homework 〔Exercisesしか)
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed previous grammar 〔の、をしている&しか)
  • Exercises answering questions about your life

Japanese AP
  • Reviewed Vocab
  • Vocab Quiz K part III
  • New Kanji from textbook
  • Corrected exercises

Together: Watched for 10 minutes Pom Poko

HW: AP--> Kanji flashcards and Kanji exercises (10 times each Kanji)
Jap 3 --> No homework

B1 Japanese 2 (12/10)


  • Checked homework (Reading comprehension)
  • Corrected homework and read the whole text together
  • Reviewed particles and some grammar structure
  • Gave vocabulary list from Chapter 2

Homework: Finish vocabulary list

A1 & A2 (Japanese 1)


  • Checked homework
  • Corrected homework (Katakana Packet P. 50, 51, 52)
  • Talked about the movie for the World Language Movie Competition
  • Reviewed Katakana
  • Watched 15 minutes of movie because everyone did the homework
  • Reviewed Counters with ball

Homework: No Homework. Just make sure that all the pages up to P. 52 in your Katakana packet has been done so far.

B1 & B2 (Japanese 2, 3 and AP)

I attended a World Language Department meeting at the District's office, so both B1 and B2 classes had a sub.

A1 & A2 Japanese 1 12/7


  • Reviewed Family terms
  • Family terms Quiz
  • Reviewed grades at school
  • Reviewed Counters (people and age)
  • New Katakana

HW: Katakana Packet p.47-49

Monday, December 6, 2010

Attention!!!! Students that will have Japanese on Wednesday (B day 12/8)

After attending a Department meeting today, I was chosen to attend a meeting with all the Language Teachers at Alpine School District Office on Wednesday. One language teacher from each school will be attending, so sorry guys, you will have a sub on Wednesday. If you have any question, just leave a comment here and I'll try to get back to you ASAP!!

Japanese Club tomorrow!

Don't forget that our Christmas Party will be tomorrow just after school. If you haven't paid for this activity ($2) please pay just after school to the Club presidency not in the financial office anymore.

Don't forget your white elephant gift so that we can exchange ($3 to $5). See you all tomorrow!!!

B2 Japanese 3/AP 12/6


Japanese AP
  • Reviewed for the quiz
  • Vocab Quiz K Part II
  • New grammar Baseていただけませんか & Baseてくださいませんか
  • New grammar Be able to + verb vs. Honorific forms
  •           Godan BI+れます
  •           Ichidan BI+られます
  •           Irregular されます & こられます
  • Exercises using new grammar

HW: Vocab Quiz K Part III

Japanese 3
  • Reviewed grammar from Chapter 6 BII+ながら
  • Exercises using BII+ながら
  • New grammar Chapter 1
  • Title ____のName
  • Occupationをしています

HW: Exercises II and III using new grammar

B1 Japanese 2 12/6


  • Reviewed locations nouns
  • Location nouns Quiz
  • Corrected blue sheet about location nouns
  • Oral practice using location nouns
  • New grammar もう&まだ
  • Exercises using new grammar

Homework: Reading comprehension exercises (Use the dictionary on the back of your textbook or a regular dictionary to find the meaning of the words)

Friday, December 3, 2010

A1 & A2 Japanese 1 12/3


  • Collected Script and Checked homework (Grades exercises)
  • Reviewed grades, People and age counters
  • Corrected homework
  • Talked about some culture differences between Japan and US

Homework: Family terms Quiz (Please study the blue paper I handed in last class)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

B2 Japanese3/AP 12/2


  • Collected English Script for the movie
  • Checked homework (Base te kara, Mae ni, Bta ato de Exercises)
  • Reviewed Base te kara, Mae ni, Bta ato de
  • Corrected homework
  • Reading practice

Homework: Japanese 3 does not have any homework, however AP class will have K quiz part II next class

B1 Japanese 2 12/2


  • Collected English Scripts for the movie
  • Checked homework (Directions exercises)
  • Since everyone did the homework, we watched Whisper of the Heart
  • Reviewed directions
  • Directions Game
  • Introduction of new grammar (Still, nor yet, already)

Homework: Directions Quiz

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Extra Credit Opportunity for this term

As I have announced in class, our World Language Department is going to have a food drive. Each can you donate is worth 1 point and you can donate as many as you can. The deadline is Dec17th, the last day of our class before the Winter Break starts. If you donate in January, you are not going to get any extra credit!!!! Let's help people that need food until Christmas!

It is a competition between all the language classes. The class that collects more cans will get the deserts first on the Culture Night during the World Language Week competition in February.

A1 & A2 Japanese 1 12/1


  • Reviewed Katakana a-so
  • Katakana Quiz
  • Family Hiragana exercises (pink)
  • Talked about grades in school

Homework: Grades in school exercises & English script for the Movie Project