Thursday, February 25, 2010

We got 5th place on the Film Festival!!!

Our Club Night was awesome. We had around 350 people there.

This is the movie. I hope you guys will be able to watch it.!/video/video.php?v=325621724709&ref=nf

I am really proud of everyone who made to the finals on the Culture Bowl as well.

Thanks everyone for working so hard!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One more movie for you guys to watch

This movie came from Japanese 3. This year our Japanese 3 class' movies were awesome. It was so hard to decide!!!! Even though this movie was awesome, it didn't make to the semi-finals.

One of the movie that made to the semi-finals was:

Extra Credit

One of the extra credit for this term is to attend the Club Night tomorrow. I will give to each one of you 15 points if you come. Make sure you come and talk to me in the beginning and at the end of the event so that I can take roll.

It will be lots of fun. Last year, about 300 people attended. If you want to see last year's event, check the post below.

Good luck to those who made to the final!!!!

World Language Week

Today was the last day for the our World Language Week. It was really fun to have Scavenger Hunt, Culture Bowl and the Movie Competition. A1 and B1 Movies were very hard to choose. The level of the movies are getting higher and I was really impressed!!! Good job, everyone!!!

I will try to post the list of the Culture Bowl finalists here, but those who made to the finals, make sure to come tomorrow to Club Night at 6:45pm. The event is going to start at 7pm with the Culture Bowl.

After the Culture Bowl, we are eating yummy deserts and then you will watch the movies that made to the Final. We, teachers, are going to discuss about the movies tomorrow after school and then we will decide the best 10 to give the cash prizes away for those who made to the Final. I have a STRONG feeling that will be very hard to decide on the first, second and third prizes.

Remember that we are going to have regular classes from tomorrow.

B1 Japanese AP Study for your Vocabulary Quiz Part G
B2 Japanese 1 No homework, but don't forget to bring you binder/folder and textbook.
B3 ESL Jobs Occupation fill in the blanks exercise

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today we finished selecting the best 2 movies from each class. I just want to say I am SOOOOOO proud of you guys. You made me really want to cry!! Really, no kidding!!! Thanks for working so hard!!!

This is one of the selected movies from Japanese 3. It is really funny!!!

If you post your movie on youtube, please leave your website here for us to watch it.

Have a nice Holiday!!! And now that the movies are done!!! Relax!!!!!

Oh, Japanese 4, sorry!! You guys have to study for your quiz, don't forget!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japanese movies are due Thursday and Friday

Our term's big project is due this Thursday and Friday.

Japanese 1 Due Friday
Japanese 2 Due Thursday
Japanese 3 Due Thursday
Japanese 4/AP Due Friday

I am so looking forward to watching your movies!!!! Start studying the culture facts for the Culture Bowl so that you can earn cash prizes!!!!

Sorry for not updating

Sorry that I haven't been able to update our blog. As I told you guys in class, after getting a virus, I cannot access any Google related pages anymore.

So, if you want to know the next class' homework, please check powerschool. The shukudai will be there.

Also, if you have any questions, you can still ask questions from here or email me.

January Japanese Club

Our activity for January was going to the Oriental Market in Orem.

286 North State Street, Orem -
(801) 221-5949

I go there every week just to buy fresh vegetables and tofu.

There are two more places in Provo you can buy Oriental stuff, but the best place for me it's Oriental Market.

Many Lands Market

1145 North 500 West, Provo -
(801) 375-3789

Chao's Trading Co

77 North University Avenue, Provo -
(801) 377-8845

It was very fun to do some shopping with everyone!!! Thanks for everyone who came!!!

Next activity is Onigiri making. Make sure you pay $1,50 for the next activity at the financial office. Your "ticket" for the club activity will be the receipt.

Our club president, Sho.

The pictures below are just some stuff that we bought there.

Japanese Candy $,99Pocky $,99

Ramune drink $1,89

Noodles $2