Tuesday, April 30, 2019

4/30 Japanese AP A4

Checked homework:Presentations by Bradyn, Joel and Tristan

Study for Kanji test Unit 5-7 REview


Worked on AP advice on speaking

Homework: Presentations by Garbe, Sandberg and Schanze

4/30 Japanese 2 A1, A2, A3


A1 Stewart, Clark and Hassell

 A2 Belt, Annas

 A3 Lamoreaux, Abel

Reviewed Unit 1-10 Kanji flashcards individually

Reviewed Unit 10 Kanji together

Learned Kanji Unit 11 and 12

Grammar learned so far
1) Arimasu vs imasu

2) Counters for animals

3) Counters for big/mechanical objects

4) Counters for long/cylindrical objects

5) Counter for birds

6) Counter for flat objects

7) Counters for people

8) Counter for general objects

9) Review all basic counters

10) Adjectives conjugation

11) Top Adjective list

12) How to change adjectives to negative form

例えば: ちかい (いAdjective) ちかくない
      とおい (いAdjective) とおくない
              ゆうめい (なAdjective)ゆうめいじゃない
      きれい (なAdjective) きれいじゃない

13) Connecting adjectives using kute or de

Homework: Kanji packet P. 207-214

Also presentations below.

A1 Lehr and Eagar
 A2 Black, Keileigh
 A3 Osgan, Hammond

Monday, April 29, 2019

4/29 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework:

Duolingo Restaurant, Hello talk texting and the worksheet below. If you need help, watch the video below

 Corrected Worksheet (above)

REviewed Kanji flashcards individually Unit 1-8

Played quizlet live Unit 1-8

Previous grammar
Informal past


I think that

Said that

Homework: Finish the packet below (Kanji Unit 5-8 review)


Duolingo Activity 1

4/29 Japanese 1 B1 and B3

Checked homework: Kanji flashcards

B1 Presentations:
Holmes, Burgi and Khong

B3 Presentations:

Reviewed new Kanji from Unit 10, 11 and 12

Reviewed Kanji flashcards individually

Worked on Kanji packet Unit 10 together

Grammar and vocab learned previously

Reviewed new particle wo and how to use it with action verbs

Reviewed masu box

Reviewed particle de

Homework: Bring Kanji flashcards done if you haven't finished them yet and finish Kanji packet P. 245-252

B1 Presentations next class:
Gaudio, Blair and Gibson

B3 Presentations next class:
Dietz, Miller, Cook (half credit) and Harward

Those are the topics and presentation dates for B1. 

Those are the topics and presentation dates for B3. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

4/26 Japanese AP A4

Checked homework: Unit 5-7 review packet and pages 39-40 of grammar packet. 

Reviewed 時(Unit16の文法)

Corrected Yellow worksheet P. 39 and 40 

Played quizlet live Kanji Unit 5-7

Homework: Presentations by Bradyn, Joel and Tristan

Study for Kanji test Unit 5-7 REview