Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30 Japanese 3 B4

Reviewed Katakana
Hiragana/Katakana quiz
Kanji review
Gave Kanji chart and learned the meaning of each Kanji
Kanji exercises

Homework: Kanji quiz (Kanji learned in Japanese 2)

8/30 Japanese 2 B3

Hiragana quiz
Gave Kanji exercises
Reviewed verb types and bases
Reviewed particles
Speaking activity in pairs
Translation exercises (pink)

Homework: Finish Kanji exercises given in class

8/30 Japanese 2 B1

Kanji karuta game
Katakana karuta game
Reviewed the bases with chart exercises
Translation exercises to English

Homework: Hiragana quiz

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29 Japanese 1 A4

1) Reviewed numbers
2) Numbers quiz
3) Reviewed greetings
4) Reviewed how to introduce your self
5) Reviewed desu box
7) Translation exercises
8) Reviewed Hiragana a-o
9) Learned ka, ki, ku, ke, ko & ga,gi,gu,ge,go

Homework: Hiragana white packet Pages 2, 3, 4 and 5

8/29 Japanese AP A3

1) Checked everyone's flashcards
2) Reviewed Kanji with flashcards in pairs
3) Reviewed Kanji together
4) New vocabulary (body parts)
5) New grammar Height

Homework: Practice flashcards at home

8/29 Intro to Foreign Lang A1

1) Reviewed numbers
2) Numbers quiz
3) Reviewed desu box
4) Learned a new particle (no as a possessive marker)
5) Translation exercises
6) Learned the difference between hiragana, katakana and kanji
7) Learned how to write their last names in Katakana

Homework: Write your last name in Katakana 10 times

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28 Japanese 3 B4

1) Reviewed verbs base
2) gave verbs list and verbs packet
3) Exercises using masu box
4) Kanji review
5) Kanji karuta game

Homework: Hiragana and Katakana quiz

8/28 Japanese 2 IVC B3

1) Reviewed Kanji for numbers and days of the week
2) Exercises using Kanji
3) Reviewed verb types
4) Learned all the bases
5) Gave verbs list
6) Speaking activity using verbs and masu form

Homework: Hiragana quiz

8/28 Japanese 2 B1

Reviewed Kanji numbers and days of the week
Kanji exercises
Reviewed verbs type
Gave verbs handouts
Practiced Base II + masu
Reviewed calendar

No homework

Monday, August 27, 2012

8/24 Japanese 3 B4

Collected disclosure document
Checked everyone's binder and folder
Reviewed Hiragana and Katakana
Reviewed verbs and practiced Base II
Reviewed masu box

No homework

8/25 Japanese 1 A4

  1. Reviewed numbers teaching nan desu ka?
  2. Reviewed verb to be and desu box
  3. Learned how to say their names and nice to meet you
  4. Watched nihongo dekimasu on how to introduce yourselves
  5. Hiragana packet a, i, u, e, o

Homework: Numbers quiz

8/27 Japanese AP A3

  1. Hiragana and Katakana pop quiz
  2. Katakana white board game
  3. Kanji review with flashcards 
  4. Kanji exercises

Homework: Japanese 2 Kanji flashcards

8/27 Intro to foreign lang A1

  1. Reviewed numbers teaching kore wa nan desu ka?
  2. Reviewed verb "to be" and desu box
  3. Finished translation sentences and corrected
  4. Learned how to say their names and nice to meet you
  5. Watched DVD about how to introduce yourself
  6. Reviewed greetings

Homework: Numbers quiz

Friday, August 24, 2012

8/24 Japanese 2 B1

Collected disclosure document
Checked everyone's binder and folder
Reviewed Hiragana with flashcards
Karuta game
Reviewed useful expressions
Reviewed verbs and masu

Homework: Nothing

8/24 Japanese 2 IVC

Give disclosure document and went through some classroom policy
Checked everyone's binder and folder
Hiragana dictation
Reviewed useful expressions
Reviewed verbs and masu
Some translation exercises
Oral practice "kinou nani wo shimashita ka? Kyo nani wo shimashita ka?"

Homework: Nothing

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/23 Japanese 1 A4

1) Checked everyone's binder/folder and notebook
2) Gave disclosure documents and explained about class rules
3) Reviewed numbers
4) Bingo game using numbers
5) New verb to be
6) Translated some sentences using the new verb

Homework: Bring disclosure document signed

8/23 Japanese AP A3

1) Collected disclosure doc. signed
2) Checked everyone's folder and notebooks
3) Reviewed verbs with flashcards and gave them a list
4) Speaking activity "サマーブレークに何をしました?”
5) Finished Katakana review worksheet
6) Hiragana words karuta game
7) Practiced writing in their journals

Homework: Nothing

8/23 Intro to foreign Lang A1

1) Checked everyone's binder and folder
2) Gave the disclosure document
3) Reviewed numbers
4) Played bingo
5) Greetings in Japanese
6) Learned the verb to be

Homework: Bring your disclosure document signed and don't forget to keep bringing your notebook and a folder/binder for this class. Make sure you have all your Japanese handouts inside your folder/binder. It's very important to bring all the previous handouts to class.

8/22 Japanese 3 B4

1) Gave disclosure document and explained about late homework/make-up quiz policy
2) Reviewed how to say their names, ages and grades
3) Reviewed family in-group and out-group
4) Reviewed verbs (unscramble exercises)
5) Writing practice about Summer break "サマーブレークに何をしましたか”
6) Divided the class in groups and we played a game on the white board reviewing masu, masen, mashita, masendeshita
7) Measured everyone's height

Homework: Bring disclosure signed, a folder and a notebook. If yu don't bring any of those, you'll lose points.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22 Japanese 2 IVC

1) Reviewed Hiragana writing/stroke order Hiragana in a chart
2) Watched nihongo dekimasu
3) Reviewed names, age and grades
4) Oral practice introducing to each other
5) Gave unscramble exercises (verbs) to everyone

Homework: I will be checking binder/folder and a notebook for 10 points

8/22 Japanese 2 B1

1) Gave disclosure
2) Reviewed names, age, and grades.
3) Practiced together orally to at least 5 people only in Japanese
4) Reviewed useful expressions (matching exercises)
5) Denwa game using useful expressions

Homework: Disclosure document signed, binder/folder and a notebook

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/21 Japanese 1 A4

1) Explained about the Japanese language
2) Alphabet introduction
3) Taught aisatsu (greetings)
Ki o tsuke
Rei ---> Ohayoo gozaimasu
4) Numbers 1-99
5) Math problems

Homework: Bring a binder or folder and a notebook

8/21 Japanese AP A3

1) Gave disclosure document and reinforced the No English policy
2) Reviewed self-introduction, grades, age and nationality introducing themselves.
3) Reviewed verb types
4) Practiced verbs with some sentences translation
5) Played "do you love your neighbor?"in Japanese

Homework: Bring disclosure document, binder/folder and a notebook.

8/21 Intro to foreign languages A1

1) Reviewed aisatsu (greetings)
Ki wo tsuke
Rei ---> Ohayoo gozaimasu

2) Japanese syllables introduction (46 syllables)

3) Numbers 1-99  Students memorized numbers from 1 to 10 then learned how to combine those numbers and create numbers from 11-99

Homework: Bring a binder/folder and a notebook.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome back to school!

Summer break went by so fast, don't you think? Enjoy this amazing picture of a Japanese toilet. I really miss those.

I hope everyone is ready for an awesome year full of adventures in Japanese!!!!