Sunday, January 10, 2010

Club Pictures

Thanks for all that came. It was a blast!!! I am sorry for taking so much time to show you guys. Since the blog does not allow lots of pictures to be uploaded, I have uploaded everything using Flickr.

Please check this out.

End of the term and extra credit




I am glad that I could make my blog work again, however the blog still does not work at school. I talked to the IT guy in our school and he does not know why. In order to update the blog at school, I have to sign in at and this site does not work anymore. If anyone knows how to make it work, PLEASE let me know. Until then, I'll have to update at home.

As you may know, my son had a surgery on Thursday at Primary Children's Hospital. It was detected he had Cholesteatoma on his right ear that is a cyst that grew between the ear drum and the bones. Before the surgery, he could hear about 50% and now after removing 3 ear bones it seems it got worse, but we don't know exactly the percentage he can currently hear. My son sad is kind of weird now, but he doesn't know how to explain. In 6 months he is going to have another surgery and hopefully the doctor will try to reconstruct some of the bones removed.

My life has been crazy, so as you may have noticed already, I haven't given the extra credit for everyone. I will stay until late at school tomorrow, so please check your grades tomorrow night. Tuesday will be the last day for me to change your grades. As I told you in class before, no more retakes allowed. Friday was the last day. I still can accept some late homework and that's all.

Thanks for all your patient. I am just glad that I love my job. Even though I feel exhausted every morning, I still can wake up and go to work. It's everything because you guys!!!

One more semester and we are done!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!! This semester will be lots of fun, specially because of our World Language Week that will be held in February. Do your best so that you can get the cash prizes. We are giving almost $1000 of cash prizes on that week. Japanese has been always in the top 3 among all the other languages, but I really believe we can win this time!!!!

がんばってください!!!(Hang in there!!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1/8 A Day

Japanese 3

Talked to some students about make up work
Kanji Bingo game (Kanji from chapters 1 & 2)
The students got in groups for the video project


Japanese 2

Kanji bingo game (Kanji from Ch. 1, 2 & 3)
Watched Ponyo


Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/6 A Day

Japanese 3

Reviewed Kanji learned in Japanese 3
Writing Practice
Listened to dialogue again
Presentation by Hana chan

しゅくだい:Bring written ideas for the movie competition (3rd Term Project)

Japanese 2

Verbs Quiz
Gave writing back and talked about some common mistakes
Reviewed Base II with verbs cards
Reviewed Base te
New grammar BaseTeもかまいません
Writing practice using new grammar

しゅくだい:Bring written ideas for the movie competition (3rd Term Project)

1/5 B Day

Japanese 4

Presentation by Oba san and Wells san
Speaking warm up (冬休みに何をしましたか)
Reviewed Passive forms
Speaking activity using passive forms (ask questions to each other)


Japanese 1

Speaking warm up Happy New Year in Japanese あけましておめでとうございます
Presentation by Angela san and Taylor san
New grammar (grades in school)
Reviewed Family terms
Speaking practice (Ask classmates about their families)

しゅくだい:アーホ 10 times each


Reviewed past regular "ed" rules
Discussion about Christmas and New Years in Mexico, Equador and US
Listening practice (song I gotta feeling)
Writing practice (What did you do during winter break) using past tense

1/4 A Day

Japanese 3

Test review
Listening practice (Dialogue)

しゅくだい:Chapter 2 test

Japanese 2

Presentation by Davidson san
Review verbs from verbs list
Writing practice about new year resolution (Use BII+たい and ほしい)

しゅくだい:Verbs Quiz

12/22 B Day

Christmas caroling around the school

12/21 A Day

Christmas caroling around the school

12/18 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Presentation
  • Collected homework
  • Practice Christmas songs
  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed Kanji from Japanese 3
Japanese 1

  • Collected homework
  • New Katakana ハ、ヒ、フ、ヘ、ホ
  • Review Family terms
  • Presentation


  • Learned rules for regular -ed
  • Listening practice
  • Presentation
  • Writing practice

12/17 A Day

Bellini sensei was absent