Thursday, April 30, 2009

LPHS 4/30

Japanese 1

Correctedしゅくだい (Green exercises)
Chapter 4 Vocab review
Vocab Memory Game to prepare for the quiz

しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz

Japanese 2

Reviewed all grammar of Chapter 4
Translation exercises from the book p.134,135
Word guessing game to prepare for Vocab Quiz next class

しゅくだい:Vocab Quiz

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AFHS 4/29

Japanese 1

  • Presentation on Okinawa
  • Reviewed きょう、あした、きのう、あさごはん、おひるごはん、ばんごはん & Particle に (For)
  • Exercises (Pink sheet)
  • Katakana Pop Quiz
Next class we will have Nolanさん、Joyceさん、Pethtelさん&Daniel Brownさん’Presentations

Japanese 2

  • Presentation on Pokemon
  • Vocabulary Quiz Part I
  • Kanji review with exercises
  • Grammar review
しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz Part 2 (second Column)

Japanese 3
  • Review Kanji
  • Exercises" target=_blank>Write the Kanji for the underlined Hiragana and translate each sentence.docx

  • Previous grammar review BII+始める
  •                   BII+終わる
  •                   BII+続く
  • New grammar BII+やすい
  •           BII+にくい

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LPHS 4/28

Japanese 1

  • Check しゅくだい(Vocabulary list from chapter 4) & Corrected
  • Katakana Pop Quiz (Dictation)
  • New Particle で (By means of)
  • Work on video projects

しゅくだい:Green exercises using new particle

Japanese 2

  • Vocab Quiz Part III P.125,126
  • Movie (Final Fantasy)
  • Write 10 words you could understand from the movie

しゅくだい:Vocab Quiz P.131

AFHS 4/27

Japanese 1

Watched movie.

Japanese 2

Watched movie.

Japanese 3

Worked on skits' scripts.

Friday, April 24, 2009

LPHS 4/24

Japanese 1

  • Correct しゅくだい (Yellow paper about food and verbs4-3)

  • Review verbs changing from BIII to BII+ます

  • Katakana Review with ゲーム (殺)

  • Vocabulary List exercises from Chapter 4

しゅくだい: Finish the vocab list at home

Japanese 2

  • Vocab Quiz (part 2)
  • Vocabulary List exercises
  • New Vocab P. 125,126
  • Vocab ゲーム(Memory)

しゅくだい:Vocab Quiz P. 125,126

Thursday, April 23, 2009

AFHS 4/23

Japanese 1

  • Verbs Quiz (Bases Conjugation and meaning)
  • Presentation on すもうべや by Terranova さん
  • Review Katakana + game (kind of hanging man)
  • Review frequency (いつも、よく、たいてい、まいにち、ときどき)P.78,79
  • New Grammar きょう、あした、きのう  &  Particle に (For)                     わたしはきょうあさごはんパンをたべました。
しゅくだい:Exercises using frequency (Blue Paper). No late homework will be accepted.
Presentation on Okinawa by Fraserさん, Walkerさん, Paskettさん, Houseさん, Rookstool さん& Tracyさん

Japanese 2
  • Collect script for presentation
  • Presentation by Huntさん (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Review adverbs
  • Exercises (yellow paper)
  • Vocabulary clues game

しゅくだい:Vocabulary game (1st collum)

Presentation on Pokemon by Danielsさん、Baumさん、Gustafsonさん

Japanese 3

Collect しゅくだい (漢字のExercises)
Review Kanji
New grammar BII+始める    BII+終わる    BII+つづける
Time for skit

しゅくだい:6 sentences using new grammar learned
       English script is due 4/29

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LPHS 4/22

Japanese 1

  • Verbs Quiz (Base conjugation and meaning)
  • Review Katakana with maze exercise
  • New grammar P.88 (といっしょに)                    Example: わたしともだちといっしょにテレビみます。
  • Exercises using particles and verbs
しゅくだい:Finish exercises at home. (yellow paper)

Japanese 2

  • Vocabulary Quiz P. 108,109
  • New grammar (adverbs)
  • Writing Practice
  • Vocabulary Game P. 117,118

しゅくだい:Vocab Quiz P.117,118

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you need a handout we did in class...

I was really sad I could not upload any word or excel file in this blog, so I created an account in another website so that I could share some files with you. Even though you'll be able to download from this website, please do not lose the papers given in class. You have to be responsible. The purpose of sharing files here is more for those who were absent or needed some extra exercises to practice.

Good luck and let me know if you want me to upload any particular file on this website!!!

AFHS 4/21

Japanese 1

  • Presentation by Griffithさん (Mount Fuji 富士山)
  • Verbs Review (Verb Types, meaning and conjugation)
  • Writing Practice 5 Sentences (スプリング・ブレークになにをしました?)
  • Listening Practice (Utada Hikaru First Love)

しゅくだい:Verbs Conjugation Quiz + meaning
Presentation by Terranovaさん

Japanese 2

  • Reviewでしょう・だろう (Remember that with this grammar the verb has to be always in BIII)  Example: あしたテニスするでしょう。
  • Writing Practice using でしょう   「あなたはサマーブレークに何をするでしょう?」
  • Vocabulary Chapter 4 (Yellow sheet)

しゅくだい:Japanese script on your movie/anime review.
       Presentation by Huntさん

Japanese 3
  • Free Talk about Spring Break 「春休みに何をしました?どこにいきましたか?」
  • Listening (日本語の先生)
  • Kanji History from Book (Ch. 4)
  • New Kanji

しゅくだい:Kanji Practice from Ch. 4
English Script for your skit is due April 29th.

Monday, April 20, 2009

LPHS 4/20

Japanese 1

  • Review verbs (Ichidan, Godan, Irregular)
  • BII +ます Exercises
  • Writing Practice (スプリング・ブレークになにをしました?)
  • Finish Listening (うただひかる)

しゅくだい:Verbs Conjugation+Meaning Quiz

Japanese 2

  • Reviewでしょう・だろう
  • Look at previous writing and rewrite
  • New writing Practice スプリング・ブレークに何をしたかったんですか。
  • Vocabulary Memory Game P.108-109

しゅくだい:Vocabulary Quiz P.108-109

Don't forget to star working on your Japanese Script for your movies. It is due May 1st.

Friday, April 10, 2009

AFHS 4/10

Japanese 1

  • Verbs Quiz (Verb Types and meaning)
  • GlennさんのPresentation on 京都(きょうと)
  • BII + ます Exercises (yellow)
  • カルタゲーム

しゅくだい:カタカナMaze Sheet(Orange)

Japanese 2

  • Corrected しゅくだい
  • Reviewed BI+ないでください  Bて+はいけません
  •        Particles
  • Kanji memory game (reviewing reading)

Japanese 3

  • Exchanged letters reading to each other (pair work)
  • Kanji Game
  • Time to get in groups and talk about your term's project

Group 1
春くん (Group Leader)
ケルシちゃん (Group Leader)

たいくん (Group Leader)

花ちゃん (Group Leader)

サラちゃん (Group Leader)

しゅくだい:BrainStorm some ideas about your project and start creating your script in English. The Japanese one will be due beginning of May.

Have a Good Spring Break!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

LPHS 4/9

Japanese 1

  • Corrected homework (pink) about food, きょう、きのう&あした

  • Katakana Game (Writing in the small board)

  • Listening Practice (utada hikaru)

  •   In the song we reviewed Wh-questions & particles

しゅくだい:Those who didn't turn in the English script is due Friday. No points will be given after that.

Japanese 2

Reviewed BIII でしょう & BIIIだろう (Probably)
  日本語がすきです。-->  日本語がすきでしょう
  あしたテニスします。-->  あしたテニスするだろう

Writing Practice using でしょう & だろう
  What are you going to do during Spring Break?

Kanji Matching Game (Practiced Reading)

しゅくだい:Bてはいけません・BI+ないでください Exercises (Extra Credit)
     Start Translating your Script to English

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We are going to start our presentations pretty soon. Don't leave everything to be done one day before!!!!

As I've mentioned in class, reading your presentation is not going to give you a good grade. You have to show preparation, so try to memorize it. You can have index cards, but do not read, just use those as references!!!!

Reminder about homework policy

Just a reminder to everyone about the homework policy.

If it's a homework we correct in class, you cannot turn in late. So, please do your homework by the day you are supposed to. I want you guys to try. Do your best. Never give up!!!

If you have any questions, come and talk to me before A1 or after A4. I would be very happy to help you!!!!

We only have 6 more weeks of classes. Good luck!!


AFHS 4/8

Japanese 1

Corrected homework (Translation exercises Japanese -> English)

Katakana カルタゲーム

New Grammar (Frequency words) p.78

しゅくだい:Verbs Quiz (You have to know the verb types and meaning of all the verbs on the list given previously)
Glenn さんのPresentation on Kyoto

Japanese 2

Reviewed adverbs  しろいー>しろ

Reviewed Bては いけません (It's better if you don't...)
    BI ないでください  (Please don't)

New Grammar でしょう Vs. だろう (Probably)

しゅくだい:Exercises (Pink paper) using Bては いけません 
                    (It's better if you don't...)
             BI ないでください  (Please don't)

Japanese 3

Check しゅくだい and reviewed steps of writing a formal letter

Exchange letter with your classmate

Listening Practice

しゅくだい:Write a reply to the letter you got. If you haven't written one, you'll have to write two letters. Don't forget to follow the steps carefully.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LPHS 4/7

Japanese 1

  • Review verbs

Verb Types, meaning and how to change from BIII to BII

  • カルタゲーム

  • New Grammar Particleと(いっしょに)P.86

  • New Vocabulary (Places and objects) P.86 &P.87

しゅくだい:Exercises usingきょう、きのう、あした(Pink paper)

Japanese 2

Talked about cultural differences from Tokyo Drift movie

New Grammar Adverbs

Review Grammar BI+ないでください


Exercises + Kanji


Monday, April 6, 2009

AFHS 4/6

Japanese 1

  • Reviewed Particles (は、の、で、も、ね、か、が、と) + よく、すこし、ちょっと
  • Talked about this term's project. Everyone signed up. The presentations start this Friday.
  • Corrected exercises (Orange paper)
  • Translation exercises (since we couldn't finish in class, this will be your homework)
しゅくだい:Translation exercises

Japanese 2

  • Finished watching Tokyo Drift Movie
  • Talked about Cultural Differences between Japan and America.
  • Housing, School system, vending machines, gambling, cars, fashion and politeness (Japanese people tend to be more respectful)
  • New grammar (Adverbs)
しゅくだい:Exercises using adverbs and ないでください(Yellow paper)

Japanese 3

  • Finished ナウシカ
  • How to write a formal letter in Japanese
  • Listening Practice
しゅくだい:Write a formal letter to someone in your class. You have to follow the guidelines on P. 95 & 96.

LPHS 4/3

Bellini sensei was attending a Language Conference in Kansas!!!
That's what you guys did with your sub.

Japanese 1
Watched Movie (Final Fantasy)
Write 10 words + translation from the movie

しゅくだい:Bring your English script done.

Japanese 2
Watched Movie (Tokyo Drift)
Write 10 words + translation from the movie

しゅくだい:Bring your English script done and half page about cultural differences you saw in the movie.

AFHS 4/2

Bellini sensei was attending a Language Conference in Kansas!!!
That's what you guys did with your sub.

Japanese 1
  • Finished watching Kiki's delivery sentence from Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Write 10 words + translation from the movie.

Japanese 2
  • Watched Tokyo Drift.
  • Write about cultural differences between America and Japan the students saw on the movie.

Japanese 3
  • Watched Hayao Miyazaki movie for the entire class.
  • Write 10 words + translation from the movie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Language Conference

From April 2 to 5, I'll be attending a Language Conference focusing on teaching Asian Languages in Kansas, MO.

I apologize for the inconvenience. You'll have a sub during April 2 and 3. Make sure you come and have fun watching a Japanese movie. You'll get 10 points of Daily points if you do the assignment asked by your sub.

See you all next week!!!

LPHS 4/1

Japanese 1

  • Review あした、きのう、きょう
  • Writing Practice answering questions using the time words and verbs learned.
  • Katakana Dictation
  • Get in groups and brainstorm for their projects

しゅくだい:You'll have to turn in your script in English on April 7. It's worth 20 points. If you turn in late, worth 20 points. If you turn in late, no points will be given.

Japanese 2

  • Checked homework and for the first time everyone brought it, so everyone got candies.
  • Worked on their project.

しゅくだい:You'll have to turn in your script in English on April 7. It's worth 20 points. If you turn in late, worth 20 points. If you turn in late, no points will be given.

AFHS 3/31

Movie Day (teacher was absent)

Japanese 1 & 2

  • Collected everyone ideas for their 4th term project.
  • Watched Kiki's delivery service.
  • Collected 10 words the students could understand from the movie.

Japanese 3

  • Pair work (Letter Translation)
  • Watched Final fantasy
  • Collected 10 words the students could understand from the movie.