Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fundraiser tomorrow

I am going to buy more ramune soda and we'll be selling it at the commons area tomorrow. Please tell your friends. $2 each. We are going to have melon, strawberry, lychee and grape flavors.

3/28 Japanese 1 A4

Collected journals
Checked worksheet
Reviewed particles, verbs, time of the day and frequency
Translation exercises

Homework: No homework

3/28 Japanese AP A3

Chapter test
Watched a movie

Quiz G

3/28 Intro to FL A1

Checked homework (numbers worksheet)
Reviewed numbers with flashcards
Math problems
Reviewed alphabet
Useful expressions (good morning, good afternoon, etc)

Homework: No homework

3/27 Japanese 3 B4

Checked vocab flashcards
Review in pairs
Review packet

Homework: Chapter test

3/25 Japanese 2 B1

Checked homework (flashcards)
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Chapter review
Description game

Homework: Chapter test

3/27 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (flashcards)
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Review packet

Homework: Chapter test

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/26 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework (3 sentences using today, tomorrow and yesterday)
Reviewed verbs, particles, frequency and time of the day vocab
Speaking practice "Kinou nani wo shimashita ka?" "Kyou nani wo tabemashita ka?
Writing practice in journals (5 sentences) 
Learned new particle ni and de 
Food vocab

Homework: Worksheet

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fundraising for Japanese club

We'll be selling ramune soda bottles tomorrow and Friday in the commons area during lunch.

Please tell your friends and also come to support our booth. Only $2.

3/26 Japanese AP A3

Watched movie for 15 minutes
New grammar base te+ mo and nazenara
Chapter review sheet

Homework: Chapter test

If you want to learn more vocabulary


One of my students found this website that has lots of good flashcards and games that can help you to learn more vocabulary. Feel free to use it.!category/490563/japanese-language-flashcards/

Good luck!!

3/26 Intro to FL A1

Japanese alphabet
Learned greetings
Numbers from 1-99

Homework: Bring a folder/finder and notebook

Monday, March 25, 2013

3/25 Japanese 3 B4

Corrected vocab list
Gave flashcards
Review base ta with verbs cards
Review all grammar with flashcards
Grammar game on the board
Review Kanji'
Kanji game

Homework:Vocab flashcards

3/25 Japanese 2 B3

Check homework (second part of ndesu)
Reviewed n desu and corrected homework
Vocab worksheet
Gave vocab flashcards
Reviewed grammar with flashcards
New grammar BII masen ka?
Practice Place ni BII ni ikimasu with pictures

Homework: Vocab flashcards

3/25 Japanese 2 B1

Reviewed grammar
Exercises using place ni BII ni ikimasu
New grammar BII masen ka?  and n desu P. 85

Homework: Flashcards

Friday, March 22, 2013

3/22 Japanese 1 A4

Checked workbook exercises (frequency)
Reviewed frequency
Reviewed foods and verbs
Corrected homework
Showed pictures and practiced verbs to eat and drink
Learn today, tomorrow and yesterday
Writing practice

Homework: Write 3 sentences using today, tomorrow and yesterday including verbs, food and particles.

3/22 Japanese AP A3

Reading test
Watched a movie

No homework

3/22 Intro to FL A1

Collected grade reports signed
Watched Princess Mononoke

Good luck in Spanish!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21 Japanese 3 B4

Oral test
Watched Kiki's delivery service

No homework

3/21 Japanese 2 B3

Reading test

Watched mononoke Hime
Gave vocab list

Homework: Vocab List and previous worksheet about ndesu (second part only)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/20 Japanese AP A3

Quiz F
Reading practice
Journals "Nani ni naru koto ni kimemashita ka?" "naze desu ka?" using words from E and F

Homework: Reading test

3/20 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework Exercises (translation) blue paper
Watched 15 minutes of Totoro
Review yoku and sukoshi
Review verbs learned
food vocab
Workbook exercises using frequency

Homework: Finish workbook exercises at home (frequency)

3/20 Intro to FL A1

Reviewed for the quiz
Days of the week quiz
Gave everyone's grade reports
Checked homework (green paper)
Reviewed particles and verbs
Masu box
Corrected homework
New vocab (hobbies, sports and verb like)
Finished Ponyo

Bring your grade report signed

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/19 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework (vocab worksheet)
Finished translating oral questions
Gave flashcards for the oral test
Reviewed the flashcards in pairs
Reviewed base ta hou ga ii desu
Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Oral test

Japanese Club this Thursday

We are going to start a fundraiser for our Japanese club selling ramune bottles next week, so this Thursday we are going to create posters to advertise it. Please come!!!! We will have some snacks for you as well!

Reminder about end of the term

Just a reminder that the last day for this term is Friday.

I allow one retake of quizzes or tests, so take this opportunity to retake something to improve your grades.

Also, if you have any late homework, the last day is Friday. Since Friday is an A day, I will be at AFHS during A3 and lunch.

If you have any question, you can email me anytime.

3/19 Japanese 2 B3

Verbs quiz
Reading practice together
Reading practice in pairs
New grammar ndesu

Homework: Reading test and second part of ndesu exercises

3/21 Japanese 1 B1

Reading test in the hall
Watch Laputa

No homework

3/19 Japanese 2 B1

Verbs quiz
New vocabulary list
Corrected list
Reading practice in pairs
Reading practice together as a class

Homework: Reading test

Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18 Japanese 1 A4

No homework
Watched Sanchez' san groups and Baum san's group movie
Reviewed hanashimasu
Reviewed languages and nationalities
New verbs 

Homework: Finish exercises at home

3/18 Japanese AP 3/14

Quiz E
Listened to this chapter's story about Ume san
Reading practice

Homework: Vocab quiz F

Japanese Club this week

This week we'll have Japanese Club on Thursday 3/21. We'll be creating some posters to advertise our club fundraiser. We'll be selling ramune soda bottles for $2. Usually it is sold between $2.50 to $3 in the stores. We'll have strawberry and melon flavors available.

We'll be selling the ramune soda during the last week of March in the commons area during lunch. If you can help to sell, please come during lunch.

3/18 Intro to FL A1

Useful expressions quiz
Reviewed colors, desu box, particles
Checked blue paper as homework
Corrected homework
Learned new verbs and masu box (green paper)

Homework: Days of the week quiz and finish the translation on green paper given in class

Friday, March 15, 2013

3/19 Japanese 3 B4

Check homework Vocab worksheet

Finish translating oral questions
Give flashcards for oral test

Review Bta hou ga ii desu
Finish Nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Oral test (study the 12 questions)

3/15 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework (become worksheet)
Corrected homework
TReviewed "become"
Review base te
New grammar bta hou ga ii desu
Nihongo dekimasu (only skit 1)
Started translation oral questions for Oral test (3/21)
Vocab worksheet (matching)

Homework: Finish vocab worksheet

3/15 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (Exercises)
Corrected homework
Reviewed Place ni BII ni ikimasu
Writing what you will be doing on the weekend using Place ni BII ni ikimasu
Chain game

Homework: Verbs quiz

3/15 Japanese 2 B1

Checked verbs flashcards
Flashcards in pairs
Reviewed Place ni BII ni ikimasu
Reading practice for reading test
Filmed a video for the jr. high
Everyone read together

Homework: Verbs quiz

You can study the verbs through the website below. Havili san created for us. Thanks Havili san!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14 Japanese 1 A4

Watched everyone's movie and chose the best one to compete at the high school

No homework

3/14 Japanese AP A3

Quiz D
Checked homework (previous worksheet on koto ni kimemashita)

Reviewed Kanji
Kanji worksheet

Homework: Quiz E

3/14 Intro to FL A1

Checked homework (desu translation)
Review desu box
Corrected homework
Nationalities and languages
Translation using adjectives, desu box, particles and colors (blue paper)
Reviewed useful expressions

Homework: Useful expressions quiz

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13 Japanese 3 B4

Review grammar "become____"
Finish Nihongo dekimasu
Write a paragraph about your goals for the future using new grammar (narimasu)
Chain game

Homework: become worksheet

3/13 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (verbs flashcards)
Reviewed grammar bte wa ikemasen and bte mo kamaimasen with pictures
Practice asking questions using the pictures
New grammar Place ni BII ni ikimasu

Homework: Exercises using Place ni BII ni ikimasu

3/13 Japanese 2 B1

Checked homework (verbs worksheet)
Reviewed grammar and Corrected homework
Gave Verbs flashcards
Practiced Base te mo kamaimasen and Base te wa ikemasen with pictures
Speaking activity in group using the pictures
New grammar Place ni BII ni ikimasu
Translated some sentences

Homework: Flashcards

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/12 Japanese 1 A4

Katakana quiz ma-n
Reviewed Katakana with worksheet
Learned how to write their names in Katakana
Gave "toilet pass"
Reviewed hanashimasu, yoku and sukoshi
Watched Davis san's group movie

Homework: Finish worksheet at home and bring your movie done

3/12 Japanese AP A3

Quiz C
Give journals back
Write what you did over the weekend using 5 words from C
Reviewed passive, tameni and BIII koto ni kimemashita

Homework: Quiz D and worksheet we did in class

3/12 Intro to FL A1

Days of the month song quiz
Days of the week song
Reviewed "nan desu ka?'

Homework: desu translation exercises (white paper)

Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11 Japanese 3 B4

Checked worksheet on noni and node
Watched Kiki's delivery service for 15 minutes
Corrected homework
New grammar _____ narimasu
Watch Nihongo dekimasu (Only skit 1 and 2)

Homework:  No homework

3/11 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (Base te wa ikemasen worksheet)
Watched Princess Mononoke for 30 minutes
Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu
Gave Verbs flashcards

Homework: Verbs flashcards

3/11 Japanese 2 B1

No homework
Listening practice
Reviewed Base te
New grammar base te wa ikemasen
Worksheet using new grammar
Verb worksheet to fill out

Homework: Verb worksheet

Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8 Japanese 1 A4

No homework
Katakana exercises
New verb hanashimasu
New particles o and de
New vocab P. 74 and 75

Homework: Katakana Quiz ma-n

3/8 Japanese AP

Quiz B
Writing practice using 3 words from B
Chain game
New grammar BIII + suru koto ni shimashita
Speaking using new grammar

Homework: Quiz C

3/8 Intro to FL

Collect homework (names written 10 times)
Reviewed days of the month (irregular and regular days) using calendar
Learned "nan desu ka?" "_________ desu"
Correct matching exercises
desu box

Homework: Days of the month song quiz

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7 Japanese 3 B4

Watched 15 minutes of Kiki's delivery service
Reviewed node
New grammar noni

Homework: Finish exercises

3/7 Japanese 2 B3

Checked homework (Verbs worksheet)
Corrected worksheet
Listening practice
New grammar base te wa ikemasen
Kanji review in pairs and pop quiz

Homework: Base te wa ikemasen worksheet

3/7 Japanese 1 B1

Finish Nihongo dekimasu
Reviewed adjectives
Learned verb "to become" narimasu
Kanji writing practice

Homework: No homework

3/6 Japanese 1 A4

Collected Katakana packet
Reviewed Katakana
Katakana writing practice and pop quiz
Write everyone's names in Katakana
Watched movies from the high school

Homework: Study your flashcards. Katakana quiz will be on Tuesday

3/6 Japanese AP A3

Quiz A
Gave journals back
Using words from quiz A, write in their journals
Reviewed previous grammar passive and tame ni

Homework: Quiz B

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6 Intro to FL

Check homework(Song 3 times in your notebook)
Reviewed previous expressions (good morning, hi, hello, etc)
New packet (new useful expressions)
Worksheet (matching exercises)
Review Days of the month song
Learn how to write names in japanese

Homework: Write your name in a piece of paper 10 times

Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4 Japanese 1 A4

Reviewed Katakana
New Katakana
Gave time to finish Katakana packet
Gave time to talk with their movie groups

Homework: Katakana packet
                   Remind that your movie project is due Friday

3/4 Intro to FL A1

Reviewed useful expressions
Reviewed self-introduction
Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu
Days of the month

Homework: Write the days of the month song in your notebook 3 times

Friday, March 1, 2013

2/29 Japanese 3 B4

Watched Spirited Away
Played achi muite hoi

No homework

3/1 Japanese 2 B3

Adjectives Quiz
Bingo using Kanji

Homework: Verbs worksheet

3/1 Japanese 2 B1

Adjectives Quiz
Party playing jyanken pon achi muite hoi

No homework

2/28 Japanese 1 A4

Vocabulary quiz
Listening practice  bring CD
Reviewed Katakana
Give Katakana flashcards

Homework: Katakana flashcards

3/4 Japanese AP A3

Check journals
Peer review
New grammar Noun + no + tameni    BIII + tameni

Homework: Vocab quiz A

2/28 Japanese AP A3

New grammar past participle
Journals writing

Homework: Finish journals at home