Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/30 Japanese AP B4

Checked sentences in Japanese and English
AP Mock test

Homework: Those that are taking the AP test next Wed, study quizlet

Those that haven't sent me your Final project sentences (Japanese and English), please send them to me ASAP

4/28 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW (30 sentences in English)
Signed up worksheet for presentation
Reviewed vocab
Finished vocal review worksheet
Reviewed colors
Worksheet on colors
Gave flash cards

Homework: Flashcards

4/30 Japanese 1 B1

Vocab quiz
Gave new worksheet on colors
Listening practice

Homework: Finish worksheet given in class on colors

4/29 Japanese 3 A4

No homework
Reviewed Kanji Unit 13
Kanji game
Unit review

Homework: Finish Unit review given in class

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/29 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (Kanji worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Got vocal flashcards

Homework: Vocab flashcards

4/29 Japanese 2 A1

Checked vocab flashcards
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Reviewed Kanji

Homework: Vocab quiz

4/28 Japanese AP B4

Kanji quiz
Worked on final project

Homework: Bring 30 sentences in English and Japanese

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (sentences and translation in paper)
Presentation sign up sheet
Reviewed vocab
Speaking activity using sports, jyouzu, nigate, etc
New vocab colors and adverbs
New worksheet on adverbs

Homework: Vocab quiz and yellow worksheet

4/27 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (30 sentences translated)
Reviewed all Kanji
Kanji karuta game

Homework: Review Kanji

4/27 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (30 sentences translated)
Reviewed Kanji
New grammar deshou
Explained again about final project
New Kanji 10-13
Signed up for presentation

Homework: New Kanji worksheet (sentences)

Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27 Japanese 2 A1

Checked translations
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Gave vocab flashcards
Reviewed Kanji

Homework: Vocab flashcards

Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (Kanji worksheet and comparison)
Reviewed Kanji
Reviewed comparison

Homework: Kanji quiz Unit 7

4/24 Japanese 1 B3

Kanji quiz
Reviewed vocab
Showed sports pictures and practice jyouzu, beta, nigate and tokui
Vocab worksheet
Journal on foods

Homework: Send me your final project draft of 30 sentences in English (

4/25 Japanese 1 B1

Kanji quiz
Finished 30 sentences for the final project choosing 5 sentences to translate to Japanese

Homework: Translate the 5 sentences to Japanese and bring your 30 sentences total done to class in paper

Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23 Japanese 3 A4

Kanji quiz
Finished 30 sentences typed in the computer and started the translation

Homework: bring 30 sentences translated

4/23 Japanese 2 A3

Kanji quiz
Explained about the final project
Researched and typed 30 sentences

Homework: Translate your 30 sentences your researched today

4/23 Japanese 2 B1

Time quiz
Checked homework (30 sentences in English)
Started translating sentences

Homework: Finish translating sentences

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22 Japanese AP B4

Checked HW (expressions translated)
Reviewed command forms and corrected worksheet from last class
New Kanji
AP exercises on comparison

Homework:Finish comparison worksheet and new Kanji worksheet

4/22 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW (day of the week worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Kanji game
Reviewed jyouzu, heta and corrected 5-3 (pink)
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Speaking activity using foods, likes and dislikes
Reviewed vocab foods

Homework: Kanji quiz (numbers ad days of the week)

4/22 Japanese 1 B1

No homework
Days of the week Kanji
Learned days of the week song
Kanji game
30 sentences draft

Homework: Kanji quiz (numbers and days of the week)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21 Japanese 3 A4

Checked Kanji worksheet and corrected homework
Reviewed Kanji in pairs
REviewed previous grammar BII yasui, BII nikui, BII owaru, BUU hajimeru, BII tsuzukeru
New grammar shi as and
Speaking using new grammar

Homework: Kanji quiz

4/21 Japanese 2 A3

Time quiz
Checked HW (vocab worksheet)
Corrected vocab worksheet
reviewed Kanji
Kanji game

Homework: Kanji quiz chapter 7 and 9

Grammar Review Japanese AP

4/21 Japanese 2 A1

Checked HW (time worksheet in hiragana and also vocab worksheet)
Reviewed time and corrected worksheet
Corrected vocab worksheet
Kanji review

Homework: Time quiz

4/20 Japanese AP B4

Kanji quiz
Kanji review
Telephone message
Reviewed feelings

Homework: Translate expressions from packet given in class (second page)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Extra credit

Nihon Matsuri

Nihon Matsuri is the only Japanese festival in Utah that will held this Saturday. Traditional and modern culture including tea ceremonies, taiko drummers, martial arts and cosplayers.

You will get 40 points of extra credit if you attend it. Please make sure you take pictures and write a one page report double-space in English about the things you saw at the festival.

4/20 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW 5-3 (pink)
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Reviewed suki, kirai
New vocab foods
Talked about final project and researched using the computers

Homework: Day of the week worksheet

4/20 Japanese 1 B1

Checked homework (pink worksheet on jyouzu)
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Learned new vocab (food)
Reviewed suki, kirai, jyouzu, etc
Journal about likes and dislikes

Homework: Reviewed Kanji (numbers and days of the week)

4/17 Japanese 3 A4

Researched on their topics online
Created 30 simple sentences in English
Started translating sentences to Japanese

Homework: Unit 9 Kanji worksheet given previously

4/17 Japanese 2 A3

Vocab worksheet
Talk about final project
Researched using the computers

Homework: Vocab worksheet and time quiz

4/17 Japanese 2 A1

Finished zettai kareshi
Gave final project rubric
Vocab worksheet
Using computer final project research

Homework: Time Kanji worksheet that was due today and vocab worksheet

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/16 Japanese AP B4

Checked Kanji worksheet
Reviewed Kanji and corrected homework
Telephone message

Homework: Kanji quiz

4/16 Japanese 1 B3

Hobbies quiz
Reviewed Kanji numbers and days of the week
Reviewed suki and kirai
Learned jyouzu, nigate, heta and tokui P.105
Worksheet 5-3
Speaking practice on like, dislikes

Homework: Worksheet 5-3

4/16 Japanese 1 B1

Hobbies quiz
Reviewed numbers Kanji
Math problems using numbers Kanji
Reviewed particle ga, suki, kirai
Learned dai suki, dai kirai, nigate, jyouzu
Talked about final project in groups

Homework: Worksheet 5-3 (pink)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4/15 Japanese 3 A4

Kanji quiz
New Kanji Unit 9
Worked in Final project

Homework: Kanji worksheet

4/15 Japanese 2 A3

HW time worksheet
Reviewed vocab with powerpoint
Speaking showing food and drinks practicing informal
Reviewed informal grammar
Watched Zettai kareshi

HW: Time quiz

4/15 Japanese 2 A1

Watched Zettai kareshi
Reviewed previous vocab with powerpoint
New Vocab
Speaking about Spring break
Learned time and minutes
Worksheet on time

Homework: Finish worksheet

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/14 Japanese AP B4

No homework
Telephone message
New Kanji
Speaking about Spring break
New grammar (command polite form)

Homework: Kanji worksheet

4/14 Japanese 1 B3

Checked HW (Kanji numbers and days of the week worksheets)
Reviewed Kanji with flashcards
Learned days of the week song
Reviewed hobbies
New grammar like and dislike

Homework: Hobbies quiz

4/14 Japanese 1 B1

No homework
Reviewed hobbies with powerpoint
Hobbies vocab worksheet
Learned suki
Worksheet 5-2
Talked about final project and did some research on the computer.

HW: Hobbies quiz

Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13 Japanese 3 A4

Reviewed Kanji
Finished Nihongo dekimasu
Kanji karuta game

HW: Kanji quiz unit 8

4/13 Japanese 2 A3

Checked hW (Kanji worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Corrected HW
Karuta game
Learned a littke about time and minutes

HW: Time worksheet

4/13 Japanese 2 A1

Checked HW (Kanji worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Corrected HW
Talked about final project
Kanji karuta game

Homework: Bring your kanji flashcards

Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3 Japanese AP B4

Checked reading comprehension
Read together
Watched 1 litter of tears

No homework

4/3 Japanese 1 B3

Oral test at AFHS
Watched Grave of the fireflies
Wrote 10 words they could understand from the movie

Homework: Bring your Kanji packets

4/3 Japanese 1 B1

Checked HW (journal entry)
Watched Hanayori Dango season 2

Homework: No homework

Thursday, April 2, 2015

4/2 Japanese 3 A4

Checked HW (Kanji and bte kara worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Reviewed base te and corrected homework
Nihongo dekimasu on bte kara

Homework: No homework

4/2 Japanese 2 A3

Kanji quiz
New Kanji
Karuta game practicing new Kanji

HW: New Kanji worksheet

4/2 Japanese 2 A1

Kanji quiz
New Kanji Unit 7 and 8

Homework: New Kanji worksheet

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4/1 Japanese AP B4

Quiz Z
National Japanese Exam listening practice
Speaking about Summer break
Gave reading comprehension practice

HW: Reading comprehension

4/1 Japanese 1 B3

Oral test at Lehi
Checked HW (kanji worksheet)
Learned new Kanji numbers 5-10
Talked about days of the week Kanji
Reviewed hobbies vocab
Journal writing about hobbies

Homework: Kanji worksheet (numbers and days of the week)

4/1 Japanese 1 B1

Checked worksheet (pink)
REviewed vocab with powerpoint
Corrected worksheet 5-1
New vocab
New Kanji numbers 1-5, day and month

Homework: Finish journal entry about 5 sentences on hobbies