Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30 Japanese 3 A4

Unit test
New Kanji worksheet
Watched Rookies

Homework: Bring your Kanji worksheet finished

10/29 Japanese 2 A3

Kanji quiz
Watched absolute boyfriend

Homework: Worksheet on pages 35 and 36 of your textbook

10/30 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (10 family presentation sentences)
Speaking worksheet
Reviewed Bte imasu
Reviewed  verbs
Speaking using new verbs

Homework: Finish Bteimasu Worksheet (Pink)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29 Japanese AP B4

Checked homework (journal F)
Peer review
Gave them their Kanji quiz back
Kanji quiz correction
AP exercises (reading comprehension 1 litter of tears)

Homework: G quiz

10/29 Japanese 1 B3

Checked homework (unit review)
Corrected homework
Reviewed colors
Reviewed vocab with pictures
Listening practice Unit 2

Homework: Flashcards test

10/29 Japanese 1 B1

Checked homework (Unit review)
Corrected Unit review
Learned colors
Reviewed counters

Homework: No homework

10/28 Japanese 3 A4


Homework: Unit test

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28 Japanese 2 A3

Checked HW (kanji flashcards)
Reviewed Kanji flashcards in pairs
New vocab (verbs)
Learned body parts song
Talk about family presentations

Homework: Kanji quiz (study your worksheet Unit 2)

10/28 Japanese 2 A1

Reviewed Kanji
Kanji quiz
Verbs worksheet
Talk about family presentation
Started draft

Homework: Create 10 sentences for your family presentation

Monday, October 27, 2014


Japanese 1
Homework: Unit review packet finished

Japanese AP
Journal F (write at least 10 sentences)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/24 Japanese 3 A4

Watched Rookies

10/24 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (kanji worksheet)
Corrected worksheet
Received grade report
Warched Rookies

HW: Bring grade report signed and bring flashcards done

Friday, October 24, 2014

10/24 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (Kanji worksheet)
Gave everyone's grade report
Watched How'ls moving castle and zettai kareshi

Homework: Kanji quiz and bring your grade report signed

Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/23 Japanese AP B4

DEF reading translation
Speaking about fall  break
Kanji pop quiz

Homework: Journal F (Wrote at least 10 sentences)

10/23 Japanese 1 B3

Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Hiragana quiz ma-n
Learned colors
Colors bingo
Started unit review

Homework: Finish Unit review

10/23 Japanese 1 B1

Checked flashcards (kanji and expressions)
Reviewed Hiragana flashcards in pairs
kono sono ano worksheet
Unit review

Homework: Unit review packet P. 1 and 2

10/22 Japanese 3 A4


10/22 Japanese 2 A3

No homework
Finish reading comprehension (blue)
Listening Unit (not finished)

Homework: Finish Kanji worksheet

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22 Japanese 2 A1

Unit test
Dialogue listening
Kanji Unit 2

Homework: Bring Kanji unit 2 worksheet finished

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/21 Japanese AP B4

Checked homework (Kanji worksheet and story narration)
Watched one liter of tears
Peer re view narration stories
DEF reading

Homework: Translate DEF reading

10/21 Japanese 1 B3

Checked flashcards
Reviewed objects with pictures
kono, sono, ano translation worksheet
Karuta game

Homework: Hiragana quiz ma-n

10/21 Japanese 1 B1

Hiragana quiz ma-n
Gave flashcards
karuta game

Homework: Flashcards cut (sentences and hiragana)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Make up work

Make up work is due next Wednesday. Also, remember you can retake one quiz or test for full credit, so check your grades on Skyward and check if there's anything you can retake.

10/15 Japanese 3 A4

Checked unit review
Finished correcting
Watched Rookies

Homework: Unit test

10/15 Japanese 2 A3

Unit test
Watched Zettai kareshi

Homework: No homework

10/15 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (review worksheet)
Corrected homework
Speaking practice using all grammar learned

Homework: Study for the test (study the review packet we corrected during class)

10/14 Japanese AP B4

Quiz F
Finish packet on transportation
AP exercises (narrating a story)

Homework: Worksheet (Kanji) and finish story narration

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14 Japanese 1 B3

Collected packet
Reviewed counters
Learned counter song
Watched nihongo dekimasu on counters
Gave flashcards

Homework: Flashcards(hiragana and vocab)

10/14 Japanese 1 B1

Collected homework (Hiragana packet)
Watched hanayori dango and movies from the world language competition
Learned small tsu
Learned ryo, sha, cha, etc
Chart writing

Homework: Hiragana quiz ma-n

10/13 Japanese 3 A4

Kanji quiz
Learned informal expressions
Chapter review

Homework: Finished Chapter review packet

Monday, October 13, 2014

10/13 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (review packet)
Corrected homework
Listening practice dialogue
Reading comprehension (only finished part of first)

Homework: Unit test

10/13 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (Reading comprehension blue)
Corrected homework
Reading practice

Homework: Unit review

Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10 Japanese AP B4

Quiz E
Kanji game
Gave journals back and worked on "E" journal

Homework: Quiz F

10/10 Japanese 1 B3

Checked homework P. 23 and 24
Reviewed Hiragana
Corrected homework
New Hiragana ra-n
Hiragana chart writing and hiragana words practice
Watched movies from world language competition

Homework: Finish Hiragana packet

10/10 Japanese 1 B1

Collected language lab assignment
Checked packet P. 21-24
Reviewed Hiragana
Finished counters worksheet
New Hiragana ra-n
Watched some videos from world language competition

Homework: Finish the entire Hiragana packet

Videos you can watch online from previous years

Hanayori Dango parody

The grudge of the ring (Japanese 3)

Dragons are forever (Japanese AP)

Milk please (Japanese 3)

Awesome adventure (Japanese 2)

Pokenoir (Japanese AP)

Lock down (Japanese 3)

Mario Party (Japanese 3)

Terror on Drury Lane (Japanese 1)

Dough of our lives (Japanese 3)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

10/9 Japanese 3 A4

Kanji review the entire class

Homework: Kanji quiz Units 13 and 14

10/9 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (BII +tai worksheet)
Watched the Japanese drama called ZETTAI KARESHI (ideal boyfriend)
Reviewed base II
Corrected homework
Finish Nihongo dekimasu Bte imasu (lesson 9)
Unit 1 review packet

Homework:Finish review packet

10/9 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework (matching exercises)
Correc ted homework
Reviewed base te
Learned base te imasu
Nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Reading comprehension worksheet (blue)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/8 Japanese AP B4

Kanji test
Reading comprehension worksheet
Watched one liter of tears

Homework: Quiz E

10/8 Japanese 1 B3

Useful expressions quiz
Checked homework (M packet)
Reviewed Hiragana
Reviewed vocal with pictures
Corrected vocab worksheet
Counters tsu and mai P. 40

Homework: Hiragana packet P. 23 and 24

10/8 Japanese 1 B1

Useful expressions quiz
New Hiragana
New vocabulary worksheet P. 40-48
Counters mai and tsu

Homework: Language lab assignment and Hiragana packet P. 21-24

10/7 Japanese 3 A4

Checked homework (30 sentences draft)
Read each other's draft
Corrected previous Kanji homework (unit 14,15)
Japanese 2 Kanji karuta game

Homework: Japanese 2 Kanji review ( matching)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Study abroad in Japan

Some of you guys have been asking me about studying abroad in Japan. The link above can provide you some information. 

10/7 Japanese 2 A3

Checked homework (Base te as and)
Reviewed base te
Corrected homework
Base te imasu
Base te masu Nihongo dekimasu (skit 1)

Homework: BII+tai worksheet (want and don't want)

10/7 Japanese 2 A1

Checked homework reading comprehension worksheet (self introduction)
Corrected homework
Lerarned base te as and
Finish worksheet base te (green)
REviewed Base te mo ii desu ka
Base te mo iidesuka matching worksheet reviewing useful expressions

Homework: Base te mo ii desu ka worksheet (matching)

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6 Japanese AP B4

Vocab Quiz D
Checked journal
Journal D
Collected journals
Free talk about the weekend in Japanese

Homework: Kanji test


October Japanese Club

Our next Japanese Club activity is October 22 (Wed). We'll be playing some Japanese games together. It will be super fun. It's just $10 to join and we provide food every single activity.

Daruma san ga koronda and Hanaichimonme

Jyanken game

Acchi muite hoi game

Last extra credit for this term

This is the last extra credit for this term. You will get 30 points of extra credit.

After you attend this event, write a one page report and past pictures on the second page.

10/6 Japanese 1 B1

Checked homework (useful expressions)
Corrected homework
Played Simon says
Expressions game (denwa game)

Homework: Useful expressions quiz

Friday, October 3, 2014

10/3 Japanese 3 A4

No homework (blog comment and follower)
Reviewed previous grammar
Add more sentences to draft
Gave presentation rubric

Homework: Presentation draft (30 sentences)

10/ 3 Japanese 2 A3

No homework
Learned base te as and
REviewed Base te
Useful expressions worksheet reviewing base te kudasai and base te mo ii desu ka.
Reviewed Base te mo ii desu ka
Watched Nihongo dekimasu

Homework: worksheet (base te as and)

10/3 Japanese 2 A1

Watched drama Dragon zakura

Homework: Finish letter worksheet (reading comprehension)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2 Japanese AP B4

Checked homework (places and directions worksheet)
Reviewed places
Corrected homework
Corrected translation
Journals using places and C

Homework: Quiz D and journal (Vocab C )

10/6 Japanese 1 B3

No homework
Reviewed expressions of command form (please + verb)
Played Simon says
New Hiragana
New vocabulary (worksheet)
Watched some videos from the world language competition

Homework: Useful expressions quiz and hiragana packet (ma, mi, mu, me, mo)

10/2 Japanese 1 B3

No homework
Reviewed expressions on the computer
Played denwa game
Eye test reviewing Miemasu ka? Hai, miemasu, iie miemasen

Homework: No homework

10/2 Japanese 1 B1

Reviewed Hiragana
Hiragana quiz
Watched Hanayori dango (finished chapter 1)
Worked on expressions worksheet
Practice expressions Miemasu ka? Hai, miemasu. Iie, miemasen.

Homework: Bring your useful expressions worksheet (green) done

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1 Japanese 3 A4

Checked homework (Kanji worksheet Units 14 and 15)

Students worked on different review activities online using chrome books. Kanji review, hiragana and vocabulary.

Homework: Just make sure you become a follower on my blog and also left a comment.

10/1 Japanese 2 A3

No homework
Reviewed base te online
Base te game online
Hiragana game online

Homework: Make sure you followed my bog and also left a comment

10/1 Japanese 2 A1

Kani review
Kanji quiz
Everyone got into computers and played games on quizlet
Reviewed base te
Played Simon says

Homework: No homework

9/30 Japanese AP B4

Checked homework (ABC reading translation)
Finished Kiki's Delivery service
Review BIII + to
Using directions students gave directions to each other at school

Homework: Finish worksheet of places and directions

9/30 Japanese 1 B3

Hiragana quiz a-po
Everyone commented on the blog
Got into the computers practicing quizlet

Homework: Leave a comment on the blog (if you haven't done yet) and become a follower on my blog

Japanese 2 students

This is a folder I created on Quizlet just for Japanese 2 students. Check it out to review and study vocab and Kanji.