Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/29 Japanese AP A3

Checked homework (reading comprehension exercises)
Corrected homework
Collect the journals
More AP exams practice

Homework: Finish school announcement worksheet

4/30 Intro to FL A1

Introduction about the Japanese language
Learned greetings
Japanese alphabet
Numbers 1-99

Homework: Bring a notebook and binder/folder

Monday, April 29, 2013

4/29 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework (worksheet)
Corrected homework
Watched a movie since everyone did their homework
Reviewed previous grammar
New grammar BII yasui and BII nikui

Homework: No homework

4/29 Japanese 2 B3

Kanji quiz
Reviewed Base I and base te
Worksheet 4-3
Vocab worksheet
Gave flashcards

Homework: Vocab worksheet and flashcards

4/29 Japanese 2 B1

Checked homework (4-1 Worksheet)
Kanji quiz
Vocab worksheet
Si nce everyone did their homework, we watched Laputa

Homework: Finish vocab worksheet and vocab flashcards

Friday, April 26, 2013

4/26 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework (flashcards)
Watched Mononoke hime for 15 minutes
Translation quiz
Went to the computer lab to finish research on the culture presentation

Homework: Vocabulary quiz (study the blue flashcards again)

4/26 Japanese AP A3

Quiz K Part II
Gave reading comprehension
Listening practice about school uniforms

Homework: Finish reading comprehension

Don't forget about Nihon Matsuri tomorrow!


4/26 Intro to FL A1

Party last day of this class

Good luck in Spanish!!!!

4/25 Japanese 3 B4

Kanji quiz
Finished Kanji exercises
New grammar

Homework: Finish worksheet

4/25 Japanese 2 B3

No homework
Talked about 24 hour speaking assignment
Explained about culture presentation
Reviewed Base I
Reviewed the difference between BI naide kudasai and Bte wa ikemasen
New vocabulary from textbook

Homework: Kanji quiz

Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25 Japanese 2 B1

Checked flashcards
Watched Laputa
Gave 24 hour speaking assignment
Gave poster rubric
Reviewed Kanji in pairs
REviewed informal with flashcards
Exercises 4-1

Homework: Kanji quiz

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/24 Japanese 1 A4

Went to the computer lab
Translated interview questions using jisho.org
Talked about the presentation about Japanese Culture
Interview flashcards

Homework: Interview Flashcards and translation quiz

Extra Credit 50 points

Why don't enjoy a little bit of the Japanese culture and also get extra credit? This Saturday (4/27), the only Japanese Festival in Utah will be held in Salt Lake City from 10 am to 5 pm. There's no charge, but bring some money to enjoy some amazing authentic food.


Make sure you take pictures and type a report about the things you saw there.

Have fun!!!

4/24 Japanese AP A3

Kanji quiz
New packet
New grammar Negative command and informal command
Journal writing using new grammar and vocab from K
Finished listening

Homework: Vocab quiz KII

4/24 Intro to FL A1

Reviewed song (days of the month)
Calendar practice asking the students to be the teacher

Homework: Days of the month song quiz

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/23 Japanese 3 B4

Checked homework (exercises and flashcards)
Reviewed Kanji
Corrected homework
Reading from textbook about Kanji
Worksheet about Kanji

Homework: Kanji quiz

4/23 Japanese 2 B3

Checked Kanji flashcards
Watched 3o minutes of Nausicaa
Reviewed informal form with flashcards
Reviewed B1+ naide kudasai

Homework: Study Kanji flashcards

4/23 Japanese 2 B1

Checked homework (kanji exercises)
Gave Kanji flashcards
Practiced Kanji
New grammar informal Japanese
Speaking practice asking and answering questions

Homework: Kanji flashcards

Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework (white paper)
Corrected homework
Taught everyone how to type in Japanese
Translation in the computer lab

Homework: Test (Translation --> Make sure you study your flashcards for the vocab)

4/22 Japanese AP A3

Checked homework (flashcards)
Vocab quiz K part I

Homework: Kanji quiz

4/22 Intro to FL A1

Reviewed names in Katakana
Useful expressions quiz
Reviewed desu box
More translation exercises
Reviewed self-introduction
Finished watching Nihongo dekimasu

Homework: Write your name in Japanese 10 times

Friday, April 19, 2013

4/19 Japanese 3 B4

Watched videos from Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC
New Kanji
Gave Kanji flashcards

Homework: Kanji flashcards

4/19 Japanese 2 B3

Watched videos from Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC
Checked homework (Informal worksheet)
Reviewed BI+ nai
Finished Kanji worksheet
Practiced Kanji
Gave flashcards
New grammar B1+ naide kudasai

Homework: Kanji flashcards

4/19 Japanese 2 B1

New Kanji
Gave worksheet
Watched some performances from Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC

Homework: Finish Kanji exercises

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18 Japanese 1 A4

Checked homework (Pink worksheet questions)
5 min Japanese talking
Corrected homework
Finished worksheet blue
New particle de (by means of)

Homework: Finish exercises (white)

4/18 Japanese AP A3

Checked homework (Kanji worksheet)
Reviewed Kanji
Gave Kanji flashcards
Talked about Pearl harbor
Learned new onomatopeic expressions
Listening practice

Homework: Quiz K part 1 and Kanji flashcards

4/18 Intro to FL

Seating chart
Checked homework (song 3 times)
Reviewed song
Reviewed useful expressions with telephone game
Learned their names in Japanese
Desu box (verb to be)

Homework: Useful expressions quiz

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4/17 Japanese 3 B4

Ayaka Kinjo, a Japanese girl, came to our class to teach us origami and the students asked her questions about Japan and the Japanese language.

No homework

4/17 Japanese 2 B3

Asked questions in Japanese to Ayaka Kinjo who came from Japan 2 days ago.

New grammar (informal Japanese)
New Kanji

Homework: Finish worksheet

4/17 Japanese 2 B1

Asked questions to the Japanese girl that cam to visit Ayaka Kinjo

No homework

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/16 japanese 1 A4

5 minute Japanese speaking
Reviewed particles and grammar with exercises
New grammar particle to (with)
Worksheet using new grammar
Gave homework (pink worksheet with questions)

Homework: Answer the pink worksheet in Hiragana

4/16 Japanese AP A3

Quiz J
New Kanji
Listening practice

Homework: Finish Kanji worksheet

4/16 Intro to FL

Corrected useful expressions
Self-introduction from packet
Watched nihongo dekimasu
Learned days of the month (regular and irregular days)

Homework: Write the song learned 3 times in your notebook

4/15 Japanese 2, 3 B1, B3 and B4

Watched a movie with the sub

4/9, 4/11 Japanese 3 B4

Divided the class in pairs and worked on the posters project using the computers

Worked on their skits

4/9, 4/11 Japanese 2 B3

Divided the class in pairs and worked on the poster projects using the computers

Worked on their skits

4/9, 4/11 Japanese 2 B1

Divided the class in pairs to start working on the poster project

Worked on their skits

No homework

4/8, 4/10, 4/12 Japanese 1 A4

Gave flashcards
Checked homework
Reviewed flashcards in pairs
Vocabulary game
Vocab quiz
Watched a movie

4/8, 4/10, 4/12 Japanese AP A3

Quiz G
Research in the computers for Poster project

Quiz H
Skits preparation (groups of 3 or 4s)
Created their scripts in English and translated to Japanese

Quiz i
Watched a movie
Wrote 20 words they could understand from the movie

Homework: Quiz J

4/8, 4/10. 4/12 Intro to FL A1

Numbers Bingo
Karuta game numbers
new packet
Useful expressions exercises
Movie Ponyo