Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/16 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Practice Christmas songs
  • Speaking activity
  • New grammar のために

しゅくだい:Exercises using Japanese holidays

Japanese 1

  • Presentations by Kirkham san and Gau san
  • Reviewed counters with ball game
  • Practice Christmas songs

しゅくだい:Finish writing about family including counters (people and age)


  • Reading test
  • Presentation
  • Watched Princess Mononoke while they were taking the test in the hall

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese Club Presidency Meeting

Those who are in the Japanese Club Presidency, we are having a brief meeting during lunch just to discuss the final details for our Christmas Party on Thursday. Please come!!!

12/15 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (Review of Chapter 2)
  • Presentations by Pevny san & Rookstool san
  • Review of the whole Chapter2
  • Kanji Practice
  • Practiced Christmas songs

しゅくだい: Chapter 2 テスト
Presentations by Whiteさん & Paulinaさん

Japanese 2

  • New Grammar (Wear verbs from Chapter 3)
  • Verbs list
  • Watched Nihongo Dekimasu (Japanese High School Students)
  • Practiced Christmas Songs

Presentation by Lewisさん

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reminder about Japanese Club

December 17th (THU) on A Day from 2:30pm. Bring your $2 and white elephant gift. If you don't bring $2, you cannot participate this time.

The white elephant gift has to be around $5.

We are going to eat KFC, do games, watch some Japanese stuff and exchange gifts.

Lone Peak students are going to be with us too!!!!

12/14 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Checked homework and corrected passive exercises
  • Practiced some Christmas songs

しゅくだい:Presentation by Howard san

Japanese 1

  • Presentations by Andersen san, Bown san & Fraser san
  • Practiced some Christmas songs

しゅくだい:Presentations by Kirkham san and Gau san


  • Checked all the packets used so far
  • Gave the test back
  • Practiced reading from the test
  • High intermediate ---> Writing about April's Fool

Homework: Only for High Intermediate. Finish writing.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Checked homework (Vocab List)
  • Corrected homework
  • Presentations by Walker san & Crawley san
  • Handed in Chapter 2 review

しゅくだい:Chapter 2 review
      Presentations by Pevny san & Rookstool san

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed for the reading test
  • Reading test
  • Watched movies from World Language Week

   Presentation by Larson san

Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Culture lesson from Kina in Japanese
  • Presentation by Kelly kun

しゅくだい:Finish Passive exercises
       Presentation by Morse san

Japanese 1

  • Family terms Quiz
  • Watched a movie

しゅくだい: Presentations by Bownさん、Fraserさん、Andersenさん & Gustafsonさん。


  • Final Test
  • Watched a movie

No homework

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Announcement for those taking B2 and B3 tomorrow

I forgot to announce in class yesterday, but tomorrow I have an ESL training meeting in the District Office during part of B2 and B3.

Japanese 1(B2) students don't forget to study for your family terms Quiz and ESL (B3) students don't forget to study for your final test!!!

12/9 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Presentations by Lye san, Lyons san and Warnick san
  • Reviewed Grammar
  • Reviewed of the whole chapter with Listening practice
  • Handed Vocabulary List in

しゅくだい:Write the meaning of each word on the list. Please refer to the back of your book and also P. 65, 66.

I know that it is a time consuming task to look up words in the dictionary, but this is also a Japanese Language practice. When you look up words in the Japanese dictionary, you review the Japanese alphabet order.

Next class' presentations are Walker san and Crawley san.

Japanese 2

  • Presentations by Glenn san and Paskett san
  • Kanji review (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)
  • Pop Quiz (Those who got full points got 5 points of extra credit)
  • Listening Practice (Fill in the blanks)
  • Practiced for reading test

しゅくだい:Reading test. Read the paper we went over today (yellow). Make sure you practice reading over and over again. If you don't show fluency in your reading, you are not going to get full points.

Next class presentation is Cooper san.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Reviewed Kanji
  • Kanji Quiz Ch 2
  • Reviewed previous grammar (Passive form)

  Presentation by Shaeferさん

Japanese 1

  • Left for Christmas Assembly
  • Presentation by Fletcher san and Payne san
  • Reviewed family terms with family tree
  • Writing time using ingroup terms

しゅくだい:Family Terms Quiz (In-group & Out-Group)
       Finish writing about your family at home (Make sure you include ages, people counters and everyone’s names in the writing) 
Presentation by Bown san and Fraser san


  • Presentations by Oscar, Miguel and Alvaro
  • Review of term 1 & 2
  • Reading "What matters the most"

Homework: Test of term 1 & 2

Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Reviewed としてand時
  • Corrected homework about としてand時
  • Presentation by Park さん

Presentation by Warnick さん, Lyons さんand Lyeさん

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed Kanji Chapter 3
  • Kanji Quiz
  • Reviewed all grammar learned in Chapter 2
  • Listening practice

Presentation by Paskettさん

Do you need more extra credit and help other people at the same time?

If you still need extra credit and want to help those in need, I have an awesome solution for you!!!!

Please bring one can of food by next Friday then you will receive 2 points of extra credit for each can you bring.

Remember this is also a competition between all the languages!!!!! The Language that wins will get the chance to get the deserts first on the Club night during World Language Week.

This is the last extra credit opportunity for this term, so don't miss this chance to get extra points and help people at the same time. You will get points for your grade and an extra warm feeling in your heart. Isn't it great???????

よろしくおねがいします!!!! m(_ _)m

You can view previous extra credit opportunities from below.

Friday, December 4, 2009

12/4 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Checked homework (Chapter 2 Kanji flashcards)
  • Presentation by Brett kun
  • Reviewed Chapter 2 Kanji in pair using flashcards
  • Kanji Practice in a piece of paper
  • Reviewed passive + did some exercises together

しゅくだい:Kanji Quiz + Finish passive exercises
Presentation by Shia chan

Japanese 1

  • Checked homework (Exercises using family green)
  • Presentations by O'Neal san, Stahl san and Butcher san
  • Corrected exercises
  • Finished watching Spirited away

しゅくだい: Bring your grade report signed by a parent.
Presentations by Fletcher san & Payne san


  • Presentation by Viri
Divided the class in 3 groups:
  • Emergent (Oscar & Miguel): Worked on their presentation
  • Low Intermediate: Reading about Soccer + exercises
  • High Intermediate: Reading about Communication
Homework: Bring your grade report signed by a parent.
Presentations by Oscar & Miguel

Japanese Club fees and Permission forms

This is the list of students I have for the year of 2009-2010 that belongs to our Japanese Club.
Please check and see if your name is there. Remember that you need to turn your permission form in and also pay your club dues by December 17th in order to participate in our Japanese Club Christmas Party.

Japanese Club 2009-2010

Name Jap Class Received Permission form Paid $2
1 Brown Daniel 3 Y Y
2 Brown Nick 2 N Y
3 Butcher 1 Y N
4 Carter 3 Y N
5 Chapman N/A Y N
6 Clark 2 N Y
7 Clements 1 Y N
8 Copper 2 N Y
9 Davis 1 Y N
10 Donohue 1 Y Y
11 Elle Smith N/A N Y
12 Fletcher 1 Y Y
13 Fraser 3 Y N
14 Gau Brett 4/AP Y N
15 Gau Jonathan 1 Y Y
16 Gustafson 1 N Y
17 Hall 1 Y N
18 Hayashi 4/AP Y N
19 Huckabee N/A Y Y
20 Jackson 3 N Y
21 Leftwich 1 Y N
22 Lewis 2 N Y
23 Lye 3 Y N
24 Manjarrez 3 Y Y
25 Naftzger 3 Y Y
26 Oba 4/AP Y Y
27 O'Neal 1 Y Y
28 O'Reilly 2 Y Y
29 Park 3 Y N
30 Pryce Smith 2 Y Y
31 Rasmussen 1 Y N
32 Rookstool 3 Y N
33 Rubio 1 Y Y
34 Sun 1 Y Y
35 Terranova 3 N Y
36 Tracy 3 N Y
37 Warnick 3 Y N
38 Weekes 1 N Y
39 Yau 1 Y Y

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keep checking your grades!!!

Yesterday we had PT conference and for those who I could not give the grade reports, I am giving your grades printed out today and tomorrow. Make sure you check your grades carefully and start doing your missing assignments and thinking about which quiz or test you need to retake. REMEMBER YOU CAN RETAKE one quiz/test, but it in only a minority that takes advantage of this opportunity to improve their grades.

We only have 2 more weeks until Christmas Break and just after the break, our term ends. What does that mean? THAT MEANS you need to start doing something now otherwise will be TOO LATE!!!!


がんばりましょう!!!Let’s hang in there!!!

12/3 A Day

Japanese 3

  • Collected 24 hour speaking assignment
  • Checked homework (Adjectives exercises)
  • Presentations by Tracy san & Teegarden san
  • Corrected homework + reviewed i-box and adjectives
  • New grammar (時に)
     Verb(Plain form)+時  (Plain form means dictionary form or Base ta)

しゅくだい:Exercises using として&時(Use your textbook as much as you can, because you may find lots of words you haven’t learned)The dictinary on the back of your book can help.
   Presentations by Pevny san & Warnick san

Japanese 2

  • Reviewed very briefly for the test
  • Chapter 2 test
  • Collected 24 hour speaking assignment
  • Kanji game (All the kanji learned from Ch 1, 2 and 3)

しゅくだい:Chapter 3 Kanji Quiz
      Presentations by Glenn san & Barlow san

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Japanese Club's Christmas Party


We had a meeting during lunch today to decide our next Japanese Club Activity for the month of December.

It will be on December 17th (A Day) from 2:30pm in our Japanese class (S-6).

Things we decided to do:
  1. Talk about Japanese Christmas in Japan
  2. Sing Japanese Christmas songs
  3. White elephant gift exchange (Buy any present that is worth $5)
  4. We are going to have a Japanese Christmas party eating KFC (Bring $2)
  5. While eating will be watching Ponyo

Those who haven't paied the $2 fee, please do so ASAP, otherwise you will not be able to participate in our Christmas Party.


Japanese Club Presidency

12/2 B Day

Japanese 4/AP

  • Collected late homework
  • Talked about Japanese Cultural events
  • Reviewed Kanji from Chapter 2
  • New Grammar (Passive form using particle に)

しゅくだい:Kanji flashcards
Presentation by Brett kun

Japanese 1

  • Katakana Quiz a-so
  • Presentations by Featherstone san & Wandvik san
  • Reviewed previous grammar (people and age counters, in-group family expressions)
  • New grammar (Out-group family expressions, particlesと、は、そして)

  • しゅくだい:Exercises using out-group family terms (green exercises)
    Presentations by O'Neal san, Stahl san and Butcher san


    • Checked homework and corrected
    • Presentation by Yesenia
    • Listening practice on adverbs (Video)
    • Listening practice on LUCK
    • Discussion and checked comprehension

    Next class: Viri's presentation

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    12/01 A Day

    Japanese 3

    • Went to commons area to take Japanese Club pictures
    • Presentations by Terranovaさん、Burnettさん&Alcazarさん
    • Explained about Adjectives
    • Learned i-box
    • Exercises

    しゅくだい:Adjectives exercises
    Presentations by Teegardenさん&Tracyさん

    Japanese 2

    • Checked しゅくだい(Kanji exercises for Chapter 3)
    • Reviewed Kanji from Chapter 1 & 2
    • Reviewed all grammar for Chapter 2
    • Corrected translation exercises in the review sheet

    しゅくだい:Chapter 2 test
           Presentation by Nickさん

    Parent-Teacher Conference tomorrow

    Please remind your parents that we are going to have our PT Conference for this term tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm. Since I am a part-time teacher, I'll be here from 3pm to 5pm.

    I hope to see many of you guys there!!!!