Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Field trip to Skyridge for the Sports Festival competition 10/4 (Friday)

I am posting all the information on Canvas, but this is the video that explains what we have been doing on the Sports Festival. This year we are having 8 schools total. American Fork High, American Fork Junior, Lone Peak, Pleasant Grove, Skyridge, Payson, Spanish Fork and Salem Hills.

This fun event will be on October 4th at Skyridge from 9:30 am to 1pm. If any of your parents could come to help, I would really appreciate it! We need help in the events, food booth and to keep the scores on the board. If your parents cannot help, but could donate snacks for us to sell in the booths that would be great as well. Snacks from Costco such as small chips, small juice boxes or Pocky (japanese snacks) would be great appreciated it.

Please pay $5 at the financial office or online by Sep 20th. Permission slips will be distributed next week. 

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